Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A belated birthday greetings

My Dear AF 2 happy birthday and many happy returns.... You make me proud and all of us loves you very much.

What the new year brings...oh 2009

Cant believe that the new year has come and we are now into the full swing of things. This is my 1st posting for the year 2009. Haven't been active lately with work commitments, irregular internet access and the usual reason, writers block.

The past two weeks have been pretty packed. I had to go for offsite retreat formulating business plans. Long days starting from 9 am all the way to 12am for 2 nights in a row for two weeks. Finally it was done last Friday and waiting for the green light for execution.

Renovation at the office has just been completed. I have been nomadic for the past three weeks sitting all over the place with no regular spot and no phone extension. Thank god I still have my Internet connection, so it is torrent as usual :)

On another note

Everybody is now settling into a routine. AF1 is now in form 1 in her new school. She got into the Kelas Rancangan Khas. However, her circle of close friends ended up in different school. So she is forced to make new friends. I am glad coz at least she is forced to do so. She has this problem that she thinks that she doesnt know how to make friends..... Mama and I were initially thinking of sending her to evening tuition classes, but looking at her hectic schedule we decided to adopt a wait and see attitude and see how she settles into her new routine. She is now in the afternoon session instead of morning session. She leaves for school at 12pm, and only finishes at 6.50pm. By the time she arrives home it would probably be 7.30 pm. Knowing her, she will take a long time in the bathroom, a long time eating (she is a slow eater) there is no way she will make it for the tuition classes which starts at 8 pm, comfortably. Then there is her arrangement for compulsary morning sports training sessions... another logistic rearrangment on our part...sigh. But evrything is worth it for her education. Her new school has more emphasis on acedamic and leadership. They encourages active participation in any type of activities and points given especially for holding posts in any activities. AF1 has had a good start with her being appointed as one of the AJK for her Taekwando activity and she is hoping to apply to be a librarian. Good luck to her.

AF2.. ah AF2. She turned 10 a couple of days ago. Happy birthday Dear. She is settling well into her Year 4 class. A big surprise for us the other day as she volunteered for the trials/selection for pertandingan bercerita. She used to be very timid and shy and wont say much in the previous years and now this... it is a huge improvement. The trials is today and can't wait to find out the outcome.

AF3.... happily in his K2 class at kindergarden with some minor hiccups along the the way. He is, as I just discovered, is a very ...... cant seem to find the word..... he becomes nervous if things are not according to his routine, he gets worried and nervous easily. He was very nervous before getting to his new class unitl he discovered his cousin is in the same class.... then he started to relax and everything is back to normal. So far so good for the past few weeks.

So thats about it for now.