Wednesday, September 26, 2007

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Sorry, for a lack of a better title. I have no idea what to write but I am forcing myself to write since it was a week long ago that I added any entry. Well things have been monotonous lately, only been broken up by a visit from a relative,

Well my sister in law lives in Canada. She's married to a Canadian. However, last weekend her husband came to malaysia, while she couldnt make it here (loooong story). So my brother in law spend berbuka on Sunday with the whole gang. My family, My mum in law, my other sister in law & family and my wife youngest brother and family. Oh ya my youngest brother in law, brought his kids along (the ones who were hospitalized earlier). It was noisy to say the least.

oh ya and what my brother in law related to me was... It is going to be their wedding anniversary next weekend, they are not going to spend it together, since his flight is due after that, and worse of all he is spending it with her family in Malaysia....

Whenever, he or they comeover from Canada, the kids would be the happiest 1) they would be able to see their aunt & uncle 2) presents...
Their presents mainly consists of clothes... so my AF1 ended up with a tshirt and a pair of jeans, my AF 2 got herself a tshirt & bed sheet (?) and my AF 3 got himself two tshirts. Mama got a pair of long denim skirt. Me.. somehow I ended up with a new pair of 501 Levi's. It was a matter of who can fit into a size 36.. and I was the first to try it and it fits....

It was a memorable evening where everyone had fun, my kids were happily playing with their cousins and there was enough food (main course courtasy of my elder sister in law), with yours truly being the host (and provider of venue, drinks and desserts)

So far my AF1 hasn't missed puasa with today being the 14th day of puasa. My AF2 had the first two days full.... then started to make her ayoyo self.... and now she is only doing 1/2 days.

Let's hope they can learn to appreciate the meaning of berpuasa.....

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Change of pace (I wish)

Well not really change to a slower pace.. maybe faster?

Changes going round... well my company as the previous years lets everybody off 1 hour earlier (4.30) provided one works throughout the lunch period. Me? I have tons of work besides my research (more on this later) that time really flies, that it is impossible for me to have time to doze off during the lunch period... (if my boss is reading this, which I doubt.... boss saya tarak tidur punya).

Once I'm out of the office sometime between 4.40-5.00 I would rush to the nearest Pasar Ramadhan (that would be either SS18 or USJ4). Too lazy to drive much further.. altho I wouldnt mind driving to Sect 14 PJ for the popia....

Before reaching Pasar Ramadhan, frantic phone calls from yours truly to everyone, taking orders for buka puasa. Mama would usually ask for murtabak or putu piring. My AF1 would ask for Tau Fu Fah or agar agar. My AF2 would ask for agar agar or roti John. My AF3 wont ask for anything... he just eats plain rice and nothing else...

Me?... I will end up eating everything that everyone else orders....

Everybody will eat together at buka puasa... the guaranteed only time of the year where everyone eats at the same time. Otherwise it will be makan berterabur. By 8.15 I will be off to the surau for Isyak & Tarawikh prayers... the only month that I spend my nights at the surau.

(So far I have skipped 2 nights from going to the surau.. me bad me bad)

Oh ya.. my nephew have been discharged yesterday, and hopefully my niece will be discharged soon (refer previous post on the virus)

The research that I was talking about earlier? Well it is for one of my upcoming project. I am nearly at the completion of my MPLS network project, and I have three more projects coming before year end.

1. Upgrade my ISP Core to a higher capacity
2. Implement traffic & application management (the one I am doing my research on)
3. Phase 2 of my MPLS network rollout, which has been brought forward from next year

I guess you guess in what line my work is... probably to some extend anyone can guess which company I work for......

It took me nearly one hour to complete this entry... I am doing it with constant questions bombarded by my colleagues (work related of course). Well I think it is a sign for me to sign off now.....

Monday, September 17, 2007

Virus going around

I guess there is a virus going around. My wife's cousin two sons were admitted in Penang two days ago due to vomiting & purging. Last night my four year old nephew & 1 year old niece were also warded in one of the hospital nearby. They have the same symptoms. Well those guys from Penang did visit my nephew's house last week and probably it was spread then from one person to another. Luckily my kids are clear for now. No sign of any symptoms that their cousins are having.


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Selamat Berpuasa

Nothing to add except

Selamat Berpuasa Kepada semua yang beragama Islam

My kids havent started their Hari Raya countdown yet

and yeah... I'll miss my morning coffee

Picture of my coffee mug taken with my TREO 680

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

It has been a week since....

It has been a week since my last post. That long? sooo many things happened, and I didnt record it here for prosperity. Looks like I have to start from the latest events while it is still fresh in my memory.

Yesterday, went to lunch with vendors at Holiday Inn (the Japanese Restaurant). Nothing eventful happened, only when we arrived there was a 'drama' shooting... starring.. Rosyam Nor. No big deal but just want to write it here...

An old friend dropped by the office, havent seen him for a while since he left this company. If you are reading this drop by often.. dont be a stranger

Sunday, travelled back to KL from Penang... huge jam at Bukit Beruntung. I was stuck for two hours starting from after the Tapah rest area.

Saturday, from Penang went to Alor Star for some shopping at Pekan Rabu. Got the girls baju kurung for Hari Raya, and got the boy Baju Melayu and Songkok. Well my boy was so excited because his Pak Long was there with him and showed off all his new attire to his Pak Long.

Had dinner again at Ilyana's in Teluk Kumbar. The food was great, the company was great. It wasnt too expensive. 4 adults and 5 kids and I ended up paying RM 80. There was ikan bakar, tomyam, lala, sotong goreng tepung, telur dadar and drinks

Friday, I was still in Jerejak Island Spa and Resort, the kids joined by their cousins had a great time at the pool. Check out at 2.00 pm and left on the ferry at 3.30.... ouch, that was a long wait.
Tried to go to Teluk Tempoyak for dinner, we went there at about 6.30 pm and my God... the place was packed, there was no parking and we ended up having dinner at Ilyana (not again.. remember this was the day before). So ended up ordering 1 siakap bakar, 1 jenahak masak stim, sotong goreng tepung, tomyam, sayur campur, and drinks. RM 102.. not bad.. and the food was delicious.

Thursday, travelled from KL to Penang, took the ferry to Jerejak Island Spa & Resort. It was a nice place, spacious room for reasonable rates, big swimming pool with water slides (the kids loved it) there was a lot of activities suspension bridge, flying fox, wall & rock climbing, jungle trekking, trek to the old prison, paintball et al... but we did not go for any of those. Well with the kids nagging me to go to the pool.... lets just say we I spent most of my time at the pool. The only setback to this place? There was no beach for diving in.....
This place was facing the seagate area (those familiar with Penang would know where this is)

We were told that that night would be fireworks on display on the beach across the resort. We wanted to wait for it at midnight, however, by 9.30 all of us were already asleep....

Probably I'll continue later and adios for now