Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Under the weather...again

Been feeling under the weather for the past few days. Have terrible bouts of cough. Alhamdulillah getting better now. The cough have subsided and feeling better. Realised one thing though... when you are not feeling well, all the aches and sores on your body is amplified...

I am a bit disillusioned with the goings on lately. I'm no analyst nor I pretend to be. I am just a man on the street looking for a better Malaysia for my children. I dont have the flair to write about going ons with good governance, CAT, and such. Please I plead get on with logical and respectable policy that is worth digesting. I want and demand a good government that cares for the people and no more conspiracies, affairs, hanky panky. I pay my taxes and I expect the money be put to good use. It is hard enough to make ends meet, and I can change my lifestyle to fit my budget with the rising costs, but what about the more unfortunate? Have you been down to the rural, down trodden areas? Have you looked at how people are living?

All I have left is faith to Allah, and what keeps me going is my family. I want a better future and a better Malaysia for them to be proud of.

Please in future..
no more Benz issues...
no more DNA issues...
no more C4 issues...
no more conspiracies....
no more lavish spendings....
no more wastage....

and have more
quality education... (and I mean quality!)
quality of life....
affordable essential items...
security....(lower crime rates... so I feel secure in my own country)

Those are the things that I can think of now.....

Am I selfish? Maybe. Is it too much too ask? Shouldn't be. Have I the right to ask for all that? As a citizen of Malaysia, I have.

Just my 2 sens worth (whatever 2 sens is worth nowadays.... practically nothing... and round down becomes zero....)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Announcement - Old Boys Weekend

STAR OBW 2008 will be on 18 to 20 July.

Venue : Star, Ipoh


Day 1 - 18-07-2008
0715 : Solat Maghrib & Tahlil
0830 : Motivation Session

Day 2 - 19-07-2008
0600 : Solat & Kuliah Subuh
0830 : Opening Ceremony
0930 : Telematch, Treasure Hunt, Futsal
1230 : Break
0300 : Clash of The Titans [ Debate : STAR vs Old boys ]
0530 : Rugby
0815 : Dinner & Prize Giving Ceremony

Day 3 - 20-07-2008
0930 : AGM STAROBA Handing Over Ceremony
1230 : Lunch & End of OBW 2008

Unfortunately, due to prior engagements and commitments (plus too lazy to drive there) I wont be there.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Al Fatihah

Got this in my email today

Dear All,

Dengan sedihnya diberitahu bahawa kawan kita Abriza Mohamad from class D1, town planning, grad at Manchester telah kembali ke rahmatullah after midnite. Jenazah beliau akan dikebumikan di Bukit Antarabangsa hari ini selepas zuhur. Beliau menetap di Riverdale Park dan akan di sembahyangkan di masjid berhampiran.

Al Fatihah.

I didnt know Allahyarham that well but ucapan takziah. And to those that may know her may want to sedekahkan Al-Fatihah

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Some going ons at school

I am in a loong meeting right now. I have done my part, presented my new project proposal and current project updates, now listening at other updates. So might as well do some updates :)

A couple of weekends ago, AF1 & AF2's school had a 'Hari Karnival Keluarga' to collect funds for the school for facility improvements and so on. It was quite successful in my opinion, with a huge turnout from the kids, the parents and the community. There were a lot of activities, flying fox, 'rumah hantu', games, food, competition and entertainment.

The kids were so excited to be able to go on the flying fox and rumah hantu. Even my AF2 who usually is quite timid and less adventorous went eagerly on the flying fox. I didnt do much, just entertaint the kids to what they want to do, and AF1 went off to be with her friends.

Moving on, last Friday, the school held its report card day. I didnt want to rush, so I took the day off along with Mama to see the teachers to hear from the how both the kids are doing in school. We wanted to hear from them, especially AF1's teacher to check on her readiness for the coming UPSR.

AF2's teacher commented that while she is doing quite well in her studies, but she is still very quiet in class, and the teacher perceived that she lacks courage and confidence to speak out. She tries to encourage AF2 with mixed responses.

AF1's teacher assured us that she has no problem with her studies. The teacher extended her praises for AF1's Maths results where she is showing good grades for her maths subject.

Enough for a quick update.