Monday, September 29, 2008

Coming to The End and the new beginning and everything in between

It is now coming to the end of Ramadhan. It is sad to have gone through the month realising, that I could have done a lot more, much much more. Insyallah, I will wait for Ramadhan to come along again next year.

On a lighter note, wanted to update on some going ons in the past couple of weeks. I have been getting invitation for Buka Puasa from my suppliers and vendors. Usually I would politely decline the invitation since I prefer to buka puasa with Mama and the kids in the comfort of my home. However, I accepted one buka puasa invitation from one of my biggest supplier, since I can bring Mama and the kids along. Mama upon hearing the name of the hotel that we are going to, is quite excited since the hotal has quite a reputation for its buffet (Its coffehouse buffet is one of the best that we have had before) However, I will not name the hotel since takut nanti kena saman lak...

When we got to the place, apparently due to the overwhelming demand, they have opened up their grand ballroom into one big Buka Puasa Buffet spread. Everything is heavily commercialized nowadays, that the spirit of Iftar is lost. Coming back to the place, there were nearly 100 tables in the ballroom. My suppliers booked 4 tables for my compnay, and we managed to get our seats which was quite near to the buffet spread.

There were long buffet lines, and somehow we got there late, and the queue has actually subsided. People already took their plateful and were already seated. I got the kids with me and we took our time taking the desserts for the 1st round and only after breaking of fast would we go for the main course.

All in all it was quite a dissapointment (I got to know later that the Buka Puasa buffet in the coffee house was RM10 more than the buffet at the ballroom and there were limited seating)

- in the sense that, the food could have been better for the price.
- The service sucks, there were too little waiter around (I guess the place stretched themselves too thin with their service in trying to maximize the number of patrons)
- -it was too crowded

I dont know, maybe I had a different expectations for these things. Probably I was comparing to our BUka Puasa outing last year, which was enjoyable, not too hectic and a nice dining experience.

Finally, I want to express my good wishes to anyone reading this, anyone that knows, anyone who doesnt know me,

have a safe journey


Friday, September 19, 2008

Pasar Ramadhan

Which Pasar Ramadhan do you frequent? Everyone would have a favourite. Me? Not really my favourite, more of convenince. I frequent the nearest Pasar Ramadhan at USJ4. To tell you the truth, I always go there early, on my off days between 4.00-4.30. On my working days between 5.00 to 5.30. (I finish work at 4.30 during Ramadhan) I never go after those times. There would be too many people after that.

My favourite or usual haunts?

Putu Piring.
This Makcik is quite famous. She even appeared in Star Metro. Her putu piring is simply delicious (sorry I dont excel as a food critic as my vocabulary on adjectives are quite limited). But be prepared for a long queue. RM 0.50 per piece

There are only about 5 murtabak stalls. Look for Murtabak Langkawi. Its easy to spot. It has the longest queue. Well it does taste better than the rest. RM2.50 per piece (Chicken or meat)

This uncle sells a variety of Talam and similar kuihs. He sells one big block in the polestyrene pack. There Talam Gula Melaka, Talam Pandan, Seri Muka, Kasui, Kuih Lapis, Bingka Ubi, Bingka Beras.. etc etc..
RM 4 per piece

Johor delicacies
This lady sells Laksa Johor, Mee bandung Muar and Mee rebus Johor. The best in that row. RM 5 per set

The others that we usually buy are quite run of the mill kind of food, delicious and good enough to eat but nothing outstanding. My AFs would usually ask for roti John, Tau Foo Fah, Otak Otak, Caramel, tepung pelita, kebab, popia goreng and a few more that I cant remember at the moment.

Thats about it I guess....but I do miss the popia at Section 14 PJ, and my weekend mee mamak at USJ 20

See you at berbuka....

Ramblings without any purpose

I havent been diligently updating my journey and experience lately. Too many things going on that have been keeping me procrastinating from updates.

UPSR have passed. My AF1 went through it with good spirits. Mama and me to..... Anyway, she did her best and we will just wait for the results to come out. Anyone know when the results will be out.

My AF2 has successfully lasted her fasting (up till time of writing). This is her first attempt at fasting for the whole month without any breaks.I am really proud of her.

AF1 got her first taste of Tarawikh prayers a few nights ago. Mama and me dragged her along for the Tarawikh prayers at the nearby Surau.

Breaking of fast outside? So far not this year unlike last year where we had our outing. Have declined invitations for Buka Puasa by my vendors and suppliers so far. Dont feel like eating out. Rather have the comfort and daily routine at home. Ever get that feeling of contentment and bliss where you would rather repeat your routine instead of doing something else for a change? I am in that rut and would rather stick to that for now..:)

Monday, September 8, 2008

It is here....

I have been really busy since Ramadhan started. No updates and not even any attempts of updates. My working hours ends a 4.30, and usually I get to leave at about 4.40 or so after wrapping up the days work. Work has been piling up last week, lots of meetings and deadlines. Meetings during puasa? oouch, need to talk a lot till your throat dries up......

Tomorrow is D-Day. UPSR starts tomorrow. I will be on leave for the next 3 days... err providing moral support for my AF1. I think I am more nervous than she is. But the again inside I am a bundle of nerves, on the exterior I am as cool as a cucumber.

I will start thinking about all the kids baju Raya next week after the exams and AF2 already have a special request, this year she wants a Baju Kebaya insead of Baju Kurung... oh well kids, they know more about fashion than I do.

My Doa are with AF1, may she be successful in her exams. Insyallah