Friday, May 23, 2008


While I was at the mosque for Friday prayers, somebody broke my rear car window (the fixed window at the back, the one that couldnt be wound down) in an attempt to look for valuables. Luckily I dont have any valuables (Laptop, Handphone etc) in the car. The person did not attempt to open the door otherwise the alarm would have been triggered.

The person broke the window, ripped the boot cover and saw that there was nothing in the boot. Everything else was left untouched.

I was liked pissed off, since now I have to send the car for repairs and get the glass replaced. On the other hand I was relieved that nothing was stolen, the car wasnt stolen and can still be driven.

What to do....

So I drove the car to my regular workshop, which is the workshop chain for the car, and left it there for repairs. Luckily my insurance included windscreen coverage, which included this piece of glass.

In all the commotion, I forgot to snap even one picture of the window.... sigh.

My car will only be ready tomorrow and I am carless for now. I am getting a ride home, thanks to my friend who is staying nearby, and tomorrow I will have to drive Mama's car for all the errands.

So to everyone else... Park safely

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Happy Birthday AF1

To My Dearest AF1... Happy 12th Birthday and many Happy returns

Abah & Mama loves you very much

And Happy Belated 5th Birthday to our nephew SS


Friday, May 16, 2008

Going UP

So I know I needed to unwind, and when the offer came from a friend who wanted to treat me... off I went and took up his offer, took the day off and went for a round of... GOLF.

It was not really a good way to unwind, especially if your shots starts to go astray and land all over the course and not where you intend it to go....

Fortunately it was a good choice and it was a relaxing day indeed. Teed off at 9.30 am in Monterez (we were supposed to tee off at 9.00, but my friend woke up late...duh). It really cleared the head, surrounded by all the greenery, weather was nice, not really that hot...

Just for the record I shot 112... for a par 71 course.. HAHAHAHAHA

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Ups and Downs

Life at work really sucks for the past few weeks. Although things are picking up again for the past week or so, but the period was quiet a downer for me.

It has been a frustrating few weeks of that period, at least in the workplace. Thank God for my family at home that act as a beacon during those tired weeks. I know it may not be as severe as some people, not as if I had to be laid off or anything but it feels like I'd hit a brick wall... hard.

Unreasonable request, trying to find solutions for impossible tasks, crazy datelines, changing requirements and to top that off uncertainties of the future of the company.

Office Politics is starting to rear its ugly head, not that it never happened before, only lately it affected me. I have been keeping a low profile lately and seemingly that is not enough. There seems to be some movements of late, I sensed that those movements are the results of the power struggle.

I keep thinking to myself, what am I doing here, why am I still here? There are more questions than I dare to answer. Or maybe I am afraid of the answers. I was behind on my work, the desire went away for a while. The drive was missing during that period, and going to work was not something that I look forward to in the mornings.

There are too many battles to be fought to ensure everything is a what it should be. I cant win each and every battle, so I have to choose when to make my stand. At least my team understands the stand that I have to take. To see what you have build being turned to something of a mockery, a rojak and a mish mash of everything that was not thought through and with anything under the sun thrown in as an afterthought makes even the dedicated guys down.

It used to be fun, what I am doing, It was a great learning process, and the characters filling the environment made it more bearable. With the high rate of turnover of late, changing of guards at the top, the custodian of the ship trying to direct an unsteerable ship, nobody knows where the hell this collective is heading. You lose the expertise and expect new fresh recruits to be an expert. You cant bring in experts coz they are too expensive. You cant retain people because they are offered much much more outside.

When you operate within a certain parameter, people sell what is way outside the parameter. When we cant deliver they say think outside the box.... but in actual fact they are still in the box. These ignoramous think they are so called thinking outside the box without realising thay are still in the box, not knowing how big the box is, not knowing the where the box is and not knowing whether the box exists!

I was tired, I was frustrated, I was down, but now seems a bit better like a calm before the storm. Tomorrow... who knows, could be better or I could be somewhere else.

Apologies for the rambling. Anyone reading this would not know heads or tails. I just need to release this frustration with this nonsense that I am writing. Probably part of my therapy :)


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Tribute to the guys of 511/13

Feeling a bit nostalgic today. So today's post is dedicated to my homeys that I had the privilage of sharing the abode with in KPP sect 18, circa 1986-1989

Ah Pye

My closest roommate. We do have a few things in common. His brother was the Headboy of my Alma Mater. Came from the same kampung albeit his kampung, and my mum's kampung. Physically fit, the rugged outdoor type. Even bought a bench for weight press complete with barbells and dumbbells for his daily workout. Along with his food supplements stocked up for consumption. The most lepak guy... dressed as he please ie the simplest with white t-shirt and jeans 90% of the time. We ended up in the same class and he is the most popular with the guys for his antics....and quiet popular with the girls coz of his handsomeness, although never had any girlfriend during that period, come to think of it way way till he started working he never had any girlfriend. (which prompted Mama to ask me whether he is gay...)LOL. He is into motorbikes, superbikes, and our flat would be filled with his car and bike magazines. Since he cant afford motorbikes, he had a bicycle, with good components on it. Later on in life he used to have 4 wives (superbikes in his possession at the same time). During puasa, we would often end up buka puasa somewhere near Semua house where the used to be a lot of gerai with wrestling shown on tv....

He ended up in Sunderland, where he would visit me all the time way down south. I would occasionally meet up with him up north but more often than not he would travel down south every summer and find summer jobs at my place. I still keep in touch with him and ladies... he is still single


He is the one immaculately dressed and well groomed. He is the B class and the one with all the connections. I used to lepak a lot at his place in BP during semester breaks. He is the ones with big dreams and ambitions. Broke his leg in an accident, and he was with crutches for a few months and with our unit being on the top floor of the walk up flat, that was a problem for him....

Ended up in Leicester via MCHE and now a bigshot with one of the investment company.

Ah Hoon

How did he end up with that name? His real name ended with Mi, and me and Pye used to tease him, Mi Goreng or Mi rebus? and his answer? Bihun.... so the name Hoon stuck. I know, I know it was childish of us... but I admit guilty as charged.

Now he is the romeo of the group. These guys were handsome, and with me standing besides them was like really out of place. He came from Muar, and quiet a hockey player. He is the one with the social life and a bit Jiwang.... always tension with his lecturers, and has a weird laugh. Oh boy he would crack up at our jokes like crazy and would go teary eyed. Has a long history with girfriends. Another one from B class.

He ended up in Liverpool, but one year later since he had to repeat his A Levels. Last I heard he was with a famous event Management company. I have his number, but have yet to call him or meetup with him.. and it has been years...


Passed away in 1995 peacefully in his sleep. He was still living with his family at that time and was still single. It still saddens me to remember him.

He was a local KL boy, and unfortunately he used to be the butt of our jokes. He was the clown of the group and the one with the musical inclination. The only one that can play guitar competently. However, his linguistic skills have a lot to be desired, always using the wrong vocabulary most of the time.....

He continued his studies in London (I cant remember which U).

Lie Jang

The guy from Sarawak was not originally from this unit, but since he spent 99% of his time at our unit, finally he moved in (there was supposed to 8 people to a unit, but our unit was only occupied by 6 guys and then it was seven). With his seluar londeh, the trend of rockers at that time, tight fitting jeans, and with his quirky sense of humor he did manage to fit in. He is from C class (for the love of me I cant remember what C class' stream was). The sportsman, where we played football and rugby together for the A Levels team (btw the A Levels team was the Champion for the KPP Inter-course - note the hyphen- competition)

I cant remember where he ended up in UK, but now resides in Sarawak. Last met him 15 years ago.


He was the odd one out from the unit. He didnt mix much with the rest of the gang. Being a Kelantanese, he usually was with his group from the unit beneath ours. But he was still part of our family and we treat him as such

I have lost contact with him, and if anyone knows where he is, pls drop me a line

Well that was the gang, it sure bring back a lot of memories throughout the two years there. We have been through a lot together and our unit sure had a lot of visitors since the occupants were quiet famous.

FYI, the unit was a two bedroom flat, with two double decker bed in each room, a living area filled with desks and chairs for us to study, an empty kitchen, one bathroom + toilet and about three standing fans (if I recall correctly)

cheers for now.