Friday, June 29, 2007

Little ol me?

I am just a typical guy, your average Joe kinda guy. Been there done that, but still stagnant. Attended one of the residential school in Ipoh (an all boys school.... you guys can sure guess which one) went on to KPP/ITM (duh... as it was known back then.. it was changed to PPP (Pusat Pemulihan Pelajar... btw KPP stands for Kolej Perosak Pelajar, but now known as INTEC - dont ask me what it stands for)

Went of to an island in Europe, in a town by the seaside (Famous landmark - Palace Pier - You should know the place :)

That was a brief resume of my travels in pursuit of higher education. What did I get out of it? Pretty much a screwed up life experience. But seriously, my travels made me who I am today. Really in my opinion Malaysian students with overseas studies opportunities stands out better than local Malaysian students (most of them anyway)

Why you say? the experience, the independence, the interaction, really is different. You're on your own dude. no spoon feeding. zilch (unless you have a too good too be true coursemate that feeds you everything - naaah highly unlikely) Some of you might disagree... prove me wrong

What am I doing now? I am in this company for nearly 13 years and this is only my second job. (God.. has it been that long?) I do interesting stuff, planning for technology advancement, get my hands dirty with things other people havent done before. but one thing really gets me puzzled. Heve anyone heard of NGN (Next Generation Network)? Why do people still call them NGN when they are already here, now? whats so next generation about it. I would rather call it the Now Generation Network and save the term Next Generation Network for something really is next generation.

Anyway, if anyone out there ever heard of Morse code? Thats what I do.....NOT!!!!! I let you guys whoever is reading this to ponder what I really do... or maybe I'll get round to tell more about it some fine day.

Before I sign off, let me tell you a joke that my eldest daughter (Lets call her AF1) told me the other day.

Do you know how Hang Tuah got the title Laksamana?

One day the Sultan sent out Hang Tuah to get him a bowl of Laksa, Hang Tuah searched high and low for the laksa, unfortunately there was none to be found. When Hang Tuah went back to the palace, the Sultan saw him and promptly asked in front of everyone, "Laksa mana Hang Tuah?"

Upon Hearing that all the Bendahara and menteri thought that the Sultan just gave him a new title... and he title stuck till today.

Hey, dont be angry if you dont find it funny, at least it got me smiling, especially coming from my AF1

Stay tooned

Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Starting point

Greetings and salutations

I'm definitely no scribe, I dont think I have a flair for writing amusing things. My writings may not amuse you, but I am writing this for me (Syok sendiri lah tu). This is my corner of the world to say whats on my mind, things otherwise I would not say face to face.

I will write what amuses me, about me, things around me, my family, especially my kids (my three adorable kids) things that affect my life, my crappy working life... dont get me wrong, I love my job, what I am able to do in my line of work... but they are times when so called colleagues will drive me up the wall (more on that later)

This blog will remain minimal for now.. no pictures (too lazy to download from the camera - I dont have a digital camera tho there's two good working units at home, or downloading it from my phone)

About me...

I am an optimist by heart tho sometimes a pessimist by nature. Nothing really bothers me. I most of the time contradict myself, and can be a hypocrite sometimes. Cakap tak serupa bikin. I do avoid confrontation. On occasions I am an introvert, but can be a perfect extrovert on other times.

I speak PERFECT BROKEN ENGLISH. I dont go out much as I love spending time with the kids and my better half (Definitely my BETTER half)

I will ramble on and off but for now I have to sign off by saying STAY TUNED to my side of the story

Your Humbly