Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A celebration of Life's Anniversary

Tomorrow marks another chapter of my life's history.

I dont know how I will be feeling tomorrow, but all I know is I will be spending tomorrow with Mama and the kids.


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sports Day Redux

Well, apparently I did attend AF1's sports day last Saturday. But she did not take part in any of the sports event.

The evening before, her Taekwando instructor SMSed me, asking if AF1 can participate in the Taekwando demo during the Sports day. Well, she was excited with the chance to participate, and our (Mama and I) plans for Treasure Hunting fell through, so participate she did.

She went early, for her weekly Taekwando classes and the demo was supposed to be at 10 am. Mama, AF2 and I arrived at 9.45 and the Taekwando group was just making a move to the field. She was pretty excited. Everything went smoothly, and part of the demo was for the kids to punch and kick the plank. I pity those kids, none of the three kids that were suppose to break the planks couldnt manage to do so. Finally the instructors had to take over and demonstrated how it should be done.

I asked AF1 later why she didnt take part in that particular 'breaking the plank' event. She said that she tried it out in class before adjourning to the field, and she didnt manage to break any, so she was not selected to do so on the field.

Ah well, it didnt matter, what matters was that she looked happy participating in the demo and she had a good time


Updates on my colleague (story here). He is now warded in HUKM. Managed to chat with his wife last week when she dropped by the office. He is recovering now after undergoing 3 surgeries. Will proceed with another two surgeries once he recovers from the effect of the 1st surgery (which was to reattach (??) his severed arteries in his leg)

For those who might wonder, the word "redux" does not mean what it would appear to. It is a Latin word that means "brought back", "revisited".

Thursday, April 24, 2008

AF2 sports day

Just got in the office. Attended AF2's sports carnival this morning. (This is for level1 ie year 1 to 3). She was quiet excited. The whole gang went to support her..:) ie Mama, AF1, my MIL and yours truly. We did not bring AF3 since he has just recovered from fever, which prevented him from going to school for the past week, and we dont want to exaggerate his fever (plus he doesnt like crowded places).

Unfortunately for AF2 it rained this morning, after only completing 2 events. So the teachers decided to bring the event indoors to the school's Open Hall. Then it was really noisy, with all the kids, the parents and close proximity of the location....

So we waited for her turn, and in the mean time we watched the other kids participating in their events... it was fun. Among the events, doing hula hoops, then pull a ball with the hoops. Throw small hoops onto skittles, throw small bean pack (???? - pundi kacang la....)

Af3 had to balance the pundi kacang on her head, walk and make a U-turn past a skittle and tag her team mate. There were 11 kids to a team. When it was her turn, she ran to pick up the pundi kacang and....... proceeded to walk like a princess, on a catwalk with grace and poise (instead of like being in a race) balancing the pundi kacang. I broke out into laughter. Luckily Mama was the photographer, otherwise I wouldnt be able to snap any pictures due to my burst of laughter.

Her team came up 3rd. After the medal presentation... off we went...

AF1? She is not participating in any events.... I dont think she is athletically inclined.

So now I have to wait till tonight to see all the pictures once it is downloaded to the PC


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Updates... belated updates

been busy the past few days, so mostly kept my thoughts to myself. Just wanna share some going ons with AF2.

Ah... my dear AF2, she is really really manja. Sometimes little things will trigger her to withdraw herself in her tantrum mood, and she will just stand there, crying and refuses to budge or listen to anything anyone else says. She will test Mama and my patience to the limit... just like the other day a very simple thing.. I woke her up for school and I took her towel and gave it to her... and that triggered it off... she wanted to take her towel and she became angry and she stood there crying, refuses to budge. luckily she recovered in time to go to school before it was too late. Generally she is a good girl, well behaved, only on occasions, there will be this 'drama'. She is now officially the drama queen of the family.

Mama made a pact with AF2... If she behaves and no longer throws any tantrum of the sort from now on until her next birthday (which is in January), we will buy her what she wants for her birthday... (she has already requested a handicam)

Bribery? Maybe. Good example of parenting? Maybe not. But can we teach her a lesson into being well mannered and behaves... Maybe.

But I had bet with Mama saying, she wouldnt last a month before she starts having her tantrum bouts again. It is a bet that I would willingly lose.

On to another thing... the Futsal tournament last weekend, my team ended up runnersup in the 8 team competition. Not a bad result at all. The team qualified for the group company's sports carnival, but I will not be playing... I told the team I will be pulling out from the tournament since it will be too taxing for me, and I have asked them to get a replacement defender to replace me...
Not bad for an old man...

Friday, April 4, 2008

Futsal tourney

Guess what... my company is having a mini Futsal tournament tomorrow (as well as making it a selection for representing the company for the group Futsal/sports carnival). I was roped in by the guys at the office as if I really can play. Moi, being an honorary Lifetime president of the Kakibangku Asscociation, was really honoured with the invite from all the younger guys.

Well looking at our team list, I will be the oldest amongst the players, whereas I should start playing in the veterans league, not with these young guys, well they are in their 20s and probably a few in their 30s.

Well good luck to me on my endavour.

The tournament kicks off from 8pm -12am at Sp**ts B**n, PJ. Anyone interested can drop by and see this old man huffing & puffing chasing the ball