Friday, March 28, 2008

Unfortunate things...

Unfortunate things do happen, and it happened yesterday to my colleague yesterday. He was involved in a terrible accident yesterday morning. He was hit from the side by a speeding and careless vehicle, and he was thrown from his motorbike.

His right leg is broken in 7 locations, and he had surgery for 7 hours last night, and according to his wife, they had to stop the surgery since he was not stable. He is still in the ICU, and waiting for the next steps by the doctors, who are observing his condition.

All of us are praying for his recovery

Update 4/4/08
News from the hospital says thanks to the blood drive donation, they now have enough blood to proceed with the surgery, and they are now waiting for his fever to subside before proceeding with followup surgery

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Oh Dear!

Unfortunate things do happen...... Last Saturday I was going out to run some errands, with all AF1 & AF2 wanting to tag along. As we entered the car, suddenly AF1 cried out in pain. Somehow, as she entered the car, she unfortunately hurt her hand. She cant explain how she did it, but her ring finger on her left hand was really hurting. No she did not smash it on the door, nor smash it when closing the door.

When we got back from running the errands, she showed Mama her hand and she was crying. Well her crying was different this time, so Mama got worried and wanted me to bring her to the doctor. No objections from me, took her to the doctor. I really hope that it was just a sprain, hopefully it wasnt a fracture or dislocation.

The GP at the clinic couldnt be certain by just looking at the finger, so she wrote a referral for me to get to S*MC to get her finger checked out with an X-Ray. So off we went to the medical center that evening to the ER.

The registration went smoothly, fortunately everything was covered by my company's insurance. Waited to see the MO, then went for the X-Ray. It was AF1's first experience with all this, and she was calm, no ayoyo as she usually is.

When we went back to see the MO with the X-Ray, she couldnt ascertain whether there is a fracture or just a sprain but definately no dislocation. To be on the safe side, she applied a splint to AF1's fingers (covered 3 fingers) and made an appointment for us to see an Orthopedic on Monday.

AF1's fingers on Saturday

On Sunday, at lunch

Well she spent Saturday evening and the whole of Sunday with splint on.

She cant do much since she is lefthanded, and she is worried about school, and not being able to finish her homework assignment.

Come Monday, I took the 1/2 day off, to bring her to S*MC again to see the Orthopedic. Good news! there was nothing serious, just a sprain, no visible fracture, and she should be ok within one or two weeks.


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What I am reading now...

Just finished

DisneyWars: Civil War In the Magic Kingdom
by James B. Steward

Starting now

The Google Story
by David A. Vise and Mark Malseed

Nowadays I am not into fiction, but although these biographies probably do contain some element of fiction due to different points of view...:)

Unfortunately I only manage to finish a couple of pages each night before I doze off.......