Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Around the corner....

Ramadhan is around the corner. Another blissful month. Somehow I feel calmer during the month of Ramadhan. I feel more patience in me and people around me, more tolerance more giving and less hatred, less anger and less rush. Cant wait for it to come.

on another note... of something else around the corner

Have you ever get the feeling of helplessness? My AF1 is going to sit for her UPSR soon. I have the feeling of guilt and all the what if's.... Have I done enough to help her? Have I provided enough for her to get through her exams? Have I given enough support to her? If I could sit in the exam for her... maybe I would. But that would be irresponsible and illogical. She has to go through this on her own and for her own good.

I am not good in coaching her for the exams. The best I can do is to provide her with all the moral support and encouragement. I send her for tuition, in the hope she can get in enough practice for her exams. I try to help her out in her work. I try to point her in the right direction. I try not to show my anxiety. I try not to pressure her although I am the one feeling the pressure. What is it with me? Is it just me or do all parents feel that way? I pray for her success, I doa every day for her success. Insyallah, I hope she will do well.

On another note altogether... remeber the spelling bee (RHB NST SIR) that AF1 entered a while back. Well the Selangor leg was shown on TV last week, and we sat down eagerly in front of the TV hoping she would appear on TV. I know this may sound trivial to some but hey its not every day that I can brag my daughter appeared on TV.

The show started and voila! Mama and AF2 was seen in the crowd. Moi was nowhere to be seen.. probably I was on my toilet break at that time. And AF1? They didnt show her spelling the words, just caught a glimpse of half of her face when it was somebody else's turn. Oh well. Got it on vidoe tape anyway :)

And we had a good laugh that evening.......