Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Back in the groove

Well, everything is back to the normal routine. Kids to school, AF3 to his kindergarden, tuition, homeworks, bla bla bla...

My AF3 was very good this time round. No fuss like last year, went to school happily so far, although he might be a bit behind on his reading. Last night when we got the message from the kindie teacher, Mama grilled him on his reading. Everyone scooted out from the room leaving Mama and AF3 in the room for his reading session. Ended up he knows his key words, only that he is too lazy to read at home, more engrossed in his TV programs and his Internet games. This morning he is as talkative as usual, chirpy as I dropped him off at his kindie.

My AF1 and AF2 now have their own rooms. We redecorated the guest room to become AF1's room. But realising that they have a close bond AF2 spends most of her time in her sister's room. AF1 also persuaded AF2 to sleep with her at night on the queen bed in her room instead. Now they spend most of their time in AF1's room. I just let them be as long as they get along well together and let them decide where they want to sleep or spend their time.

Tuition for AF1 has started, and I have started to worry about UPSR this year. I try not to show my worry, but from time to time I try to remind her to dive into her books. She watches less TV nowadays, but still buries herself in storybooks. I just pray that she would do well in her exams.

Last weekend as Mama and I were browsing through at PJ Digital Mall, managed to grab (what I think was) a good deal. Managed to buy a new SDRAM (I was told that it was expensive since newer computer doesnt use this type of RAM anymore) 512M for RM 180. I enquired at Summit subang - new 512M - the going price was RM 340. Another outlet on the 1st floor of PJ Digital Mall was selling a used 512M for RM240, and an online offer of used 2x256M RAM for RM 130 (minus delivery charges). So I hope that I got a good bargain. Now my old AMD Duron PC is running faster, since it was running Windows XP with only 128M RAM! So I figured since I was there I got a 1G DDR for RM 70 for my other computer...... Both are Kingston by the way...Did I get a good price? I really hope so.. since I didnt go survey at Low Yatt...

Anyway, besides all that it has been a routine few weeks into 2008. Here's looking to more exciting moments for 2008.....

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

An expensive lesson

It was an expensive lesson.... a big mistake on my part which really burned a hole in my pocket.

My maid returned from Indonesia last week and I thought everything was fine. I had to renew her passport (here). But what I didnt check was her permit. I didnt read what was printed on her permit on the old passport which was cancelled. So I let her go back to Indonesia with both her passport (the new and the old) assuming that the permit on the old passport was still valid.... HUGE mistake.

She came out from the airport saying that there was a problem with the Immigration, and I was to go to the Immigration branch that issued the permit.

Went there on Monday, and I was told that the permit was no longer valid, and I was supposed to have the permit transferred to the new passport (at no cost) before she made the journey. And I have to pay for the JP Visa, since she is now considered as entering the country without a proper working Visa or Permit. Luckily Mama was with me and at least she was still calm enough to talk to the Immigration officer. Me... I was really angry, angry at myself really for being so stupid. But there was nothing that I can do and at the end of it I had to pay RM515 for the JP Visa, and got the previous permit which expires in April 08 transferred to the new passport.

So the moral of the story

1. Always read whatever fine print or even what is clearly stated or written
2. Never assume, when in doubt ask....
3. Never lose your cool....always stay level headed otherwise you'll end up in more trouble
4. Never forget the things above....

That was really a lesson for me. What with it being January and a lot of expenses for this month for school fees, transport fees deposits, kindergarden deposits, tuition center deposits and on and on.....


Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone

I know its a bit late for the greetings, but I was away from the office and was too lazy to update this from home. The kids occupied the two computers with internet connection at home most of the time and I couldnt be bothered to switch on my notebook.

Oh well.... to everyone, happy new year and may the new year bring more treasured memories.

New year resolution? I have none. I dont want to be tied to an arbitrary date to make any resolution. Why make resolution if by end of Jan you have achieved it and what next? a new month resolution.

So what I do is actually constantly make resolution or goals for short term, medium term and long term... (long term here is between 3 to six months coz things change too fast nowadays). I always re-evaluate the goals and know when I cant achieve them or when to let go. I cherish the small victories when I meet my target.

So there you go... my attempt at being perfect.... the results.... unlike job appraisal at year end where everything is perfect and every results achieved, my resolutions and goals are more of a hit and miss affair......mostly misses.

My objective, everyday is a learning process, and no matter what the goal is, the journey is the adventure.

Make sense?.... I think not....