Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Post Raya Blues

Blues? Well, not really. I did have a nice Raya though. Started the journey to Penang on the wee hours of Friday, and got there at about 8-9 am. Stayed at my SIL's house. After Friday prayers went with my BIL to get some lemangs. For me Raya is not complete wihout lemang.

Ever tasted lemang pulut hitam? or even lemang jagung? Well, I can still remember when I was still young balik kampung to KK, my uncles would prepare lemang pulut hitam. And along the road from Kota Lama to KK town, lined up lemang sellers, with plain lemang and lemang jagung. Makes my mouth watery just mentioning this.

That evening, a small gathering at my SIL, with the wife's cousins, aunts and everyone else dropped by and a nice feast ensued. The kids had fun with bunga api (no mercun roket or meriam buluh mind you). Even had time to rush out for 10 minutes to meet my old STARian friend Kadiaq who lived around that area. Kadiaq, it was nice seeing you again.

Hari Raya again was enlightning, it was good time for reflections of the month that was.

My AF3 behaved very well, this year wearing his new Baju Melayu without throwing any tantrum. I was really proud, him able to wear his Baju Melayu and Songkok (no sampin though, doent match and not colour coordinated). The 5 of us were not really colour coordinated, everyone wearing different colours, or different shades. Doesnt matter, as long we celebrated Hari Raya together as one happy family.

Got back to KL on Sunday, via KK - short stops at more relatives and catching up on stories since meeting up once a year.

Took the whole week off, just to clear my head from my hectic schedule. Managed to find time to go to the Gardens (near Midvalley) just browsing through Robinsons, then had lunch at Italliannes, headed down to MPH, where the wife treated the kids to some books.

Saturday, after the normal schedule of being the chauffer (taekwando classes etc) went out to open houses, gathering at my Uncle's place in Klang. Had a wonderful meal steaks, chicken chop, tenderloin, sirloin, lamb shanks, salads, potato salads, brocolli, KFC(??) and desserts.

He cooked it himself and it was really filling for everyone. Then headed back to USJ for another friend (hunter) for his open house.

OOT - talking about hunt... Next hunt on my calendar - The Sun Hunt, for the hunters, see you there.

I'll take my leave here for now. See you soon

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Puasa is coming to an end

Well folks Ramadhan is coming to an end. It was an eventful Ramadhan. It was more hectic than usual.

For the first time in years I went for Buka Puasa at a Hotel. The wife got two vouchers and I only have to pay for two kids, AF3 is still too young for the hotel to charge me... which works out to a price on one adult. Not too bad I guess although I am in the opinion that Hotels do overcharge during Ramadhan....

That was two weekends ago when I took the whole brood to the Hotel in KL. I took everyone on the LRT. Boarded from Kelana Jaya, it was fun for my AF2 & AF3, it was their 1st time on the train. They were so smiling, out of happiness & fear I too I guess but it was great to see them have fun.

The ride ended at the hotel in Jalan Ampang. It was a nice environment for a change, there was no rush, no long queues, the food was nice the seating arrangement comfortable - not too packed.

Saw a familiar face, to Wan Jo, nice to see you again.

We stayed for a little bit more than an hour before we made our move. Went back on the LRT again. This time the kids were braver, I guess clear of any inhibition or hesitation since this technically is their second time on the train. They were more excited to see out the window, the lights when the train came out the tunnel.

the three of them were sleepy by the time we got home.. even AF3 went to bed early that night.

I might not be able to update this page until after raya... So I would like to say to whoever is reading this,

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin

I'll be in Penang for Raya then back to KL soon after

See Ya...