Monday, December 22, 2008

Champions Again!

The UEM Media Boogie Hunt was held on the 20th Dec 2008. CoC was Fuad Dahlan (formerly of TAB, now with Cipta Asia Worldwide)

It was a a hunt with 30 route questions, 2 treasures AND......2 Bonus questions and 2 typical of Fuad's style.

It was a 6 hours hunt, Started in PJ, off to Taipan USJ with 10 qusetions for the 1st leg (without tulips). Proceeded to KESAS highway where the tulip started and ended up in Cyberjaya for the end of the 1st leg. Submitted the 1st leg answer sheets and did the 1st Bonus questions which was matching actor/actresses to the musical related films they appeared in. There was no mention of not being able to use any 'aid' during that session, so the 4 of us started surfing the web on our phones for the answers.

Started the 2nd leg from there and off to Bandar Baru Bangi Industrial area for another 10 questions and then to the 2nd pitstop at the library in BB Bangi for the next part and collected the final 10 questions and the 2nd Bonus qustions where we had to match the type of dance to the description given.

Final leg was at Wangsa Maju (in Wangsa Link) via Taman permata where the final 10 questions were located. Breezed through (and we managed to solve and bought the treasures within the 1st leg itself) and submitted our answer at about 12.30 one hour ahead of time. (we managed to save half an hour by taking a short cut rather than following the tulip, since we knew the MRR2 would be jammed from Bangi to Tmn Permata)

We had to do 2 missions there. The first was actually doing the PS2/3? dance mat. Well, Zul our driver breezed through for full marks there. High 5s all around :). 2nd mission was to identify from the list dances that were shown on the video clips. Full marks there again.

However I couldnt attend the answer and prize giving presentation as I had a prior engagement elsewhere. They dropped me off and they went for the presentation.

I only got the call saying we won at 5 pm and the guys were elated. Got a bunch of thank you SMS from them :)

All in all we scored 231 out of 250 points. Which meant we got 3 route questions wrong (15 points) which one I knew the answer but couldnt find the sign, second I was totally stumped and the third coz we didnt know what snakehead fish was in Malay (turns out to be Toman and we were searching for Haruan). The other four points was from the bonus questions where we confused the description for Hip-hop and Breakdance.

There you go Ladies and gentlemen.. my adventure for the weekend. And to Zul, Man & guys ROCK!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Preparing for the new school term..with a hint of nostalgia

Well... preparation for the school items have started. Have been going shopping with Mama, AF1 & AF2 for their school uniforms, shoes, stationary etc.

When we were looking for the school shoes, we came across this..

Bata Badminton Master! Mama was so excited that she insisted AF1 get one of those. Ahhh it relived all the memories... I used to own a few pairs in those days...and it was definitely cheaper in those days.

However, this is what I used to wear once I got to secondary school...
Warrior shoes....! It was considered cool to own a warrior shoes back then. Multi purpose shoes it was... for jalan-jalan, football, takraw, basketball and of course for school wear.

AF1 has a new set of uniforms right now... she was a librarian in her year 6, so no hand me downs for AF2....since librarian wears a different uniform (the brown uniforms). It was quite hard to get uniforms for both of them since AF1 is very tall and thin.... If it fits her waist, the kain would be too short. If it fits her height.... it will be too loose... sigh. but we ended up with a good fit any way.

When I was paying for all the items, it brought me back to the days when my arwah father was paying for all my things. Never thought of it that much when I was younger, but now I realise how much he cared for me when he bought all the school items for me without any complaints. And it took me thinking to families more unfortunate than we are, how the kids are without new clothes for school, make do with hand me downs but still with smiles on their faces.

Apologies for not being able to articulate my thoughts well into words, but hopefully you get what I mean.

All in all the kids are ready with their new school term, and even AF3 is eager to go to his kindergarder with a pair of new shoes. What is left now is just the school text books for AF1 which she will only get once school opens.


On another note, I havent been updating the postings since things at work have been affecting me a lot lately. I will not go into details or dwell in it but suffice to say that things are not really well and morale in the company is quite low at the moment. I try to be as positive as possible... hey, its the paycheque that I bring home at the end of the day that matters. Cari makan maa...

Monday, November 17, 2008

Another day...another presentation

Tomorrow morning I will be at one of the private universities, giving a presentation at a knowledge sharing session. The audience will be from the university community, lecturers and students, researchers and govt agencies related to technology and research.

I have an one hour slot to fill and so far my slide count is at 33 slides. That comes about to 2 minutes of talking per slide. Hopefully there will be questions for me to answer to fill up the time.

Wish me luck.

Tears of Joy.... tears of sorrow..UPSR results comes around

UPSR results are out. I was at AF1's school for the results. Mama and I got there at about 12pm just in time when the Year 6 kids are assembled at the open hall of the school. Parents were starting to arrive at that point.

The Headmistress started to announce the overall results. There were improvement in all the subjects but not by much. probably around 10% increase in A achievements. Overall there were 70 students with straight A's compared to 64 last year.

The teacher called up each student one by one to get their results starting with class 6A. AF1 was in 6E so there was quite a wait for us. When her class' turn finally came, they let her class teacher do the honours to callup the students to get their result slip and announce the results as well. I was really really nervous waiting for her name to be called up. At least I dont have to wait long, her name starts with A and sure enough when the teacher calls up her name... 'AF1........5As!'

And I was going 'Alhamdulillah' all her hard work and our prayers have been answered. My eyes were swelling and tried damn hard not to let any tears flow. I was overjoyed, I was ecstatic and when I look over to her, she was smiling and still calm, keeping her composure.

Out of 40 kids in her class, one boy failed to get 5As. He ended up crying, consoled by the class teacher and his mom. There were contrasting scenes all around. There were kids crying tears of joy hugging each other (the girls of course), there were boys jumping for joy at their results, punching their hands in the air with triumph.

There were kids smiling although they got 3As. There were kids crying because they only obtained 4As. Overheard this one kid saying 'I'm dead man! I'm dead! My parents will kill me!'. There were kids running to hug their parents to show off their results. There were kids consoled by the teachers. There were kids comparing results, there were kids keeping the results to themselves. There were kids that was still sitting down, being cool as cucumbers...and AF1 falls in that category, grinning from ear to ear with her 3 best friends who got the same results as she did.

Maybe the expectations were different, maybe the circumstances are different. To some it was an achievement. To some it was satisfaction. To some it was a disappointment. And maybe to some it is expected.

It was really noisy and the teachers were having a hard time getting heard whatever announcement that they had to make.

Overall, I was happy she got the desired results. Whats next? Trying to get her into Kelas Rancangan Khas (KRK) in her Secondary school. AF1 doesnt want to go to boarding school and we are fine with that. So KRK is the next obvious choice. Got all the forms and all required attachments ready. Kiasu? I guess you could say that...definitely.

Whats next after that? 3 years.... AF1 will sit for her PMR and AF2 will sit for her UPSR. At least I can prepare mentally and physically for that...:)


Monday, November 10, 2008

SunHunt 2008... foiled again

The Sun Motor Hunt has gone past... and again I did not meet my target. My target was simple, get a top ten placing in the open category. My team mates expectation was higher... get a top three placing....ouch.

Final results... we did not even break into the top 20. granted we lost out to the 2oth team on tiebreak... but I came to the conclusion that we are just not good enough. To get 6 Qs wrong and 1 treasure is just abysmal in a competition of this nature.

I tried to put everything into perspective and analyse what went wrong. I came to some points to ponder.

1. We did not analyse or decipher or understand the question thoroughly. We did not look for the indicator (anagram, container, synonym, homonym etc) and we did not find the fodder for the indicator properly. Basically we were running on instinct and adrenaline alone.

2. We rushed through spotting the answers to the questions. We were not observant enough. Take for example Q7 & Q8 which have the same answers... we just assumed that it has a different answer. never bother spotting the same board for the answer.

3. We didnt decipher the treasures carefully. Although we got 3 treasures correct, although one was tembak... we were not sure of the Pepsi revive treasure.... we just failed to get the other one that was broadcasted on MixFM. I was at fault as well.... I knew I was looking for Vita - something. I was really searching for Vita milk if I interpret the question correctly. but once i read the work 'container' I was fixated on a carton of Vita milk instead a bottle. I dont know why but somehow I equated the word container=carton. Stupid of me. I was at the last Petronas shop on the NKVE, where I missed the treasure by not looking at the section where they stock the bottles. That 5 points would have inched us nearer to a top 10 finish.

I retrospective, we cousl have and should have answered at least 5 more questions that we got wrong correctly. Granted the question "Bays?"got us totally stumped and even after understanding the way the CoC thought of the question, I would still have not got the answer.

Ah well, God willing there is still next years hunt which we will still be in the open catagory :)

To all the winners, congratulations

UPSR results

Well the UPSR 2008 results will be out this Thursday 13 November 2008. Am I nervous? Like hell I am.

Is AF1 nervous? I dont know... she still looks cool enough. She will have her school farewell dinner in one of the Hotel in our area on the 12th....wondering if she will enjoy the dinner with her friends.

Already enrolled her in her Secondary school last week, she got into a good school.

Fingers crossed and a lot of prayers for her results....

Friday, October 31, 2008

A hunting we will go......

Mama and I along with two other members will be competing in the Sun Motor Hunt this Sunday 2nd November 2008. We are a little bit rusty since this will be our first Open hunt of the year. Yikes. Really really rusty.

Wish us luck...hope to perform better this year than how we did last year.

Friday, October 17, 2008

What's with the sorrow?

I have been lazing around this hari raya.... mostly glued to the idiot box and radio. There is something that has been bothering me for years now. Have you ever realized that majority of the raya songs being played on the radio or sung on TV are all sad songs. They are filled with sorrow? Classic example is Dendang Perantau... dont get me wrong, it is a classic song, its a great song with wonderful melody and fine lyrics with evergreen tune but... why must we fill Hari Raya with sorrow?

Look at the malay drama fare on tv... especially directed or produced by Rashid Sibir. It will usually go like this... Parents/single mother sacrifices for the son/daughter's happiness. They end up sad, missing their 'kacang lupakan kulit' son/daughter. The story then ends up with a death in the family, with the ending at the graveyard with the sound of Takbir in the background, with tears flowing, regrets and redemption. Why?

Hari Raya is a time for celebration for the success of Ramadhan. Why must we bring sorrow in the celebration of 1st of Syawal? Granted we need to rember the passing of loved ones, but it can be done throughout the year, not just on Hari Raya.

I have missed kissing my parents' hands on Hari Raya for a few years now, but then again I miss them not only on Hari Raya but throughout the year. Life goes on, and I have to assume that they are in a better place by God's side.

I miss the TV programs in the good old days.. remember Rasa Sayang Hari Raya bersama Pakcik Jamal? If you remember that you must be a veteran..just like me.

Somehow I pity my kids, they dont have the kampung environment like I use to have, tolong bakar lemang, running away when it was time to help kacau dodol... kejar tangkap ayam utk buat rendang tok...sigh

My kids now dont even have a place to call kampung. The old kampung is now no longer a kampung, It is now a town or a city. It is not the same calling it 'balik bandar' isn't it?

So.. my message is, make Hari Raya a happy time, with Happy endings and a happy storyline

Monday, September 29, 2008

Coming to The End and the new beginning and everything in between

It is now coming to the end of Ramadhan. It is sad to have gone through the month realising, that I could have done a lot more, much much more. Insyallah, I will wait for Ramadhan to come along again next year.

On a lighter note, wanted to update on some going ons in the past couple of weeks. I have been getting invitation for Buka Puasa from my suppliers and vendors. Usually I would politely decline the invitation since I prefer to buka puasa with Mama and the kids in the comfort of my home. However, I accepted one buka puasa invitation from one of my biggest supplier, since I can bring Mama and the kids along. Mama upon hearing the name of the hotel that we are going to, is quite excited since the hotal has quite a reputation for its buffet (Its coffehouse buffet is one of the best that we have had before) However, I will not name the hotel since takut nanti kena saman lak...

When we got to the place, apparently due to the overwhelming demand, they have opened up their grand ballroom into one big Buka Puasa Buffet spread. Everything is heavily commercialized nowadays, that the spirit of Iftar is lost. Coming back to the place, there were nearly 100 tables in the ballroom. My suppliers booked 4 tables for my compnay, and we managed to get our seats which was quite near to the buffet spread.

There were long buffet lines, and somehow we got there late, and the queue has actually subsided. People already took their plateful and were already seated. I got the kids with me and we took our time taking the desserts for the 1st round and only after breaking of fast would we go for the main course.

All in all it was quite a dissapointment (I got to know later that the Buka Puasa buffet in the coffee house was RM10 more than the buffet at the ballroom and there were limited seating)

- in the sense that, the food could have been better for the price.
- The service sucks, there were too little waiter around (I guess the place stretched themselves too thin with their service in trying to maximize the number of patrons)
- -it was too crowded

I dont know, maybe I had a different expectations for these things. Probably I was comparing to our BUka Puasa outing last year, which was enjoyable, not too hectic and a nice dining experience.

Finally, I want to express my good wishes to anyone reading this, anyone that knows, anyone who doesnt know me,

have a safe journey


Friday, September 19, 2008

Pasar Ramadhan

Which Pasar Ramadhan do you frequent? Everyone would have a favourite. Me? Not really my favourite, more of convenince. I frequent the nearest Pasar Ramadhan at USJ4. To tell you the truth, I always go there early, on my off days between 4.00-4.30. On my working days between 5.00 to 5.30. (I finish work at 4.30 during Ramadhan) I never go after those times. There would be too many people after that.

My favourite or usual haunts?

Putu Piring.
This Makcik is quite famous. She even appeared in Star Metro. Her putu piring is simply delicious (sorry I dont excel as a food critic as my vocabulary on adjectives are quite limited). But be prepared for a long queue. RM 0.50 per piece

There are only about 5 murtabak stalls. Look for Murtabak Langkawi. Its easy to spot. It has the longest queue. Well it does taste better than the rest. RM2.50 per piece (Chicken or meat)

This uncle sells a variety of Talam and similar kuihs. He sells one big block in the polestyrene pack. There Talam Gula Melaka, Talam Pandan, Seri Muka, Kasui, Kuih Lapis, Bingka Ubi, Bingka Beras.. etc etc..
RM 4 per piece

Johor delicacies
This lady sells Laksa Johor, Mee bandung Muar and Mee rebus Johor. The best in that row. RM 5 per set

The others that we usually buy are quite run of the mill kind of food, delicious and good enough to eat but nothing outstanding. My AFs would usually ask for roti John, Tau Foo Fah, Otak Otak, Caramel, tepung pelita, kebab, popia goreng and a few more that I cant remember at the moment.

Thats about it I guess....but I do miss the popia at Section 14 PJ, and my weekend mee mamak at USJ 20

See you at berbuka....

Ramblings without any purpose

I havent been diligently updating my journey and experience lately. Too many things going on that have been keeping me procrastinating from updates.

UPSR have passed. My AF1 went through it with good spirits. Mama and me to..... Anyway, she did her best and we will just wait for the results to come out. Anyone know when the results will be out.

My AF2 has successfully lasted her fasting (up till time of writing). This is her first attempt at fasting for the whole month without any breaks.I am really proud of her.

AF1 got her first taste of Tarawikh prayers a few nights ago. Mama and me dragged her along for the Tarawikh prayers at the nearby Surau.

Breaking of fast outside? So far not this year unlike last year where we had our outing. Have declined invitations for Buka Puasa by my vendors and suppliers so far. Dont feel like eating out. Rather have the comfort and daily routine at home. Ever get that feeling of contentment and bliss where you would rather repeat your routine instead of doing something else for a change? I am in that rut and would rather stick to that for now..:)

Monday, September 8, 2008

It is here....

I have been really busy since Ramadhan started. No updates and not even any attempts of updates. My working hours ends a 4.30, and usually I get to leave at about 4.40 or so after wrapping up the days work. Work has been piling up last week, lots of meetings and deadlines. Meetings during puasa? oouch, need to talk a lot till your throat dries up......

Tomorrow is D-Day. UPSR starts tomorrow. I will be on leave for the next 3 days... err providing moral support for my AF1. I think I am more nervous than she is. But the again inside I am a bundle of nerves, on the exterior I am as cool as a cucumber.

I will start thinking about all the kids baju Raya next week after the exams and AF2 already have a special request, this year she wants a Baju Kebaya insead of Baju Kurung... oh well kids, they know more about fashion than I do.

My Doa are with AF1, may she be successful in her exams. Insyallah

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Around the corner....

Ramadhan is around the corner. Another blissful month. Somehow I feel calmer during the month of Ramadhan. I feel more patience in me and people around me, more tolerance more giving and less hatred, less anger and less rush. Cant wait for it to come.

on another note... of something else around the corner

Have you ever get the feeling of helplessness? My AF1 is going to sit for her UPSR soon. I have the feeling of guilt and all the what if's.... Have I done enough to help her? Have I provided enough for her to get through her exams? Have I given enough support to her? If I could sit in the exam for her... maybe I would. But that would be irresponsible and illogical. She has to go through this on her own and for her own good.

I am not good in coaching her for the exams. The best I can do is to provide her with all the moral support and encouragement. I send her for tuition, in the hope she can get in enough practice for her exams. I try to help her out in her work. I try to point her in the right direction. I try not to show my anxiety. I try not to pressure her although I am the one feeling the pressure. What is it with me? Is it just me or do all parents feel that way? I pray for her success, I doa every day for her success. Insyallah, I hope she will do well.

On another note altogether... remeber the spelling bee (RHB NST SIR) that AF1 entered a while back. Well the Selangor leg was shown on TV last week, and we sat down eagerly in front of the TV hoping she would appear on TV. I know this may sound trivial to some but hey its not every day that I can brag my daughter appeared on TV.

The show started and voila! Mama and AF2 was seen in the crowd. Moi was nowhere to be seen.. probably I was on my toilet break at that time. And AF1? They didnt show her spelling the words, just caught a glimpse of half of her face when it was somebody else's turn. Oh well. Got it on vidoe tape anyway :)

And we had a good laugh that evening.......

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Under the weather...again

Been feeling under the weather for the past few days. Have terrible bouts of cough. Alhamdulillah getting better now. The cough have subsided and feeling better. Realised one thing though... when you are not feeling well, all the aches and sores on your body is amplified...

I am a bit disillusioned with the goings on lately. I'm no analyst nor I pretend to be. I am just a man on the street looking for a better Malaysia for my children. I dont have the flair to write about going ons with good governance, CAT, and such. Please I plead get on with logical and respectable policy that is worth digesting. I want and demand a good government that cares for the people and no more conspiracies, affairs, hanky panky. I pay my taxes and I expect the money be put to good use. It is hard enough to make ends meet, and I can change my lifestyle to fit my budget with the rising costs, but what about the more unfortunate? Have you been down to the rural, down trodden areas? Have you looked at how people are living?

All I have left is faith to Allah, and what keeps me going is my family. I want a better future and a better Malaysia for them to be proud of.

Please in future..
no more Benz issues...
no more DNA issues...
no more C4 issues...
no more conspiracies....
no more lavish spendings....
no more wastage....

and have more
quality education... (and I mean quality!)
quality of life....
affordable essential items...
security....(lower crime rates... so I feel secure in my own country)

Those are the things that I can think of now.....

Am I selfish? Maybe. Is it too much too ask? Shouldn't be. Have I the right to ask for all that? As a citizen of Malaysia, I have.

Just my 2 sens worth (whatever 2 sens is worth nowadays.... practically nothing... and round down becomes zero....)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Announcement - Old Boys Weekend

STAR OBW 2008 will be on 18 to 20 July.

Venue : Star, Ipoh


Day 1 - 18-07-2008
0715 : Solat Maghrib & Tahlil
0830 : Motivation Session

Day 2 - 19-07-2008
0600 : Solat & Kuliah Subuh
0830 : Opening Ceremony
0930 : Telematch, Treasure Hunt, Futsal
1230 : Break
0300 : Clash of The Titans [ Debate : STAR vs Old boys ]
0530 : Rugby
0815 : Dinner & Prize Giving Ceremony

Day 3 - 20-07-2008
0930 : AGM STAROBA Handing Over Ceremony
1230 : Lunch & End of OBW 2008

Unfortunately, due to prior engagements and commitments (plus too lazy to drive there) I wont be there.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Al Fatihah

Got this in my email today

Dear All,

Dengan sedihnya diberitahu bahawa kawan kita Abriza Mohamad from class D1, town planning, grad at Manchester telah kembali ke rahmatullah after midnite. Jenazah beliau akan dikebumikan di Bukit Antarabangsa hari ini selepas zuhur. Beliau menetap di Riverdale Park dan akan di sembahyangkan di masjid berhampiran.

Al Fatihah.

I didnt know Allahyarham that well but ucapan takziah. And to those that may know her may want to sedekahkan Al-Fatihah

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Some going ons at school

I am in a loong meeting right now. I have done my part, presented my new project proposal and current project updates, now listening at other updates. So might as well do some updates :)

A couple of weekends ago, AF1 & AF2's school had a 'Hari Karnival Keluarga' to collect funds for the school for facility improvements and so on. It was quite successful in my opinion, with a huge turnout from the kids, the parents and the community. There were a lot of activities, flying fox, 'rumah hantu', games, food, competition and entertainment.

The kids were so excited to be able to go on the flying fox and rumah hantu. Even my AF2 who usually is quite timid and less adventorous went eagerly on the flying fox. I didnt do much, just entertaint the kids to what they want to do, and AF1 went off to be with her friends.

Moving on, last Friday, the school held its report card day. I didnt want to rush, so I took the day off along with Mama to see the teachers to hear from the how both the kids are doing in school. We wanted to hear from them, especially AF1's teacher to check on her readiness for the coming UPSR.

AF2's teacher commented that while she is doing quite well in her studies, but she is still very quiet in class, and the teacher perceived that she lacks courage and confidence to speak out. She tries to encourage AF2 with mixed responses.

AF1's teacher assured us that she has no problem with her studies. The teacher extended her praises for AF1's Maths results where she is showing good grades for her maths subject.

Enough for a quick update.


Monday, June 16, 2008

The Spelling Bee

Last Saturday, my AF1 participated in the RHB-NST Spell It Right (SIR) competition for the state level competition. She represented her school along with 3 other girls from her school.

Details for RHB-NST SIR H E R E

It is a spelling competition for schools throughout Malaysia and the event last Saturday was for Selangor state level competition. Competition for Primary school was held on Saturday and for secondary school was on Sunday.

Here's how the competition works, there were 4 schools to a group and each school has 4 participants making 16 kids for each group. The group were then seated on stage and when their name is called go to the mike and spell the work that the judges will tell them.

If the student gets it right he/she will return to his/her seat. If they get it wrong they are to leave the stage. Once everyone has spelled their 1st word, they will go to the 2nd round with whoever is left onstage. There are 3 rounds of ie successful students who correctly spelled 3 words will remain onstage. Whoever is left after 3 rounds will then go into a tie break to determine a winner for each group. Each group winner will then proceed to the final round to determine the state champion who will then represent the state to the national finals.

Well AF1 did quite well, She completed the 3 rounds, and after 3 rounds they were left with 3 participants and all 3 were from her school. However, she lost out to the eventual champion, her classmate in the tie breaker round.

I am really proud of her. I have to admit, when it came to the tie breaker round, there were some words that even I could not spell!

I think there were about 43 schools competing, and AF1's school emerged champion in the school's category besides her classmate that became the state champion.

Well had to spend the whole morning at the mall waiting for her to compete, but it was worth it.

AF1 had her grading for her poom belt the same morning, but eventually she chose the SIR competition, as she postponed her taekwando grading.... At least she got the experience that a lot of people dont get.

I am really really proud of her.....


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A short trip up North

The weekend in the middle of the last schools holidays, Mama and I decided to take take a short break and take the kids away from KL. We were undecided where to go and after Mama making a few inquiries (most of the hotels at our favourite getaway locations are fully booked) we decided Penang it is.

Started our journey on Saturday morning, with our maid packing lunch for us, as we thought of stopping somewhere for lunch....The drive was a pleasant one, no traffic jam, the North Southe Highway was clear and we arrived in Penang way before lunch time.

Proceeded to my SIL's place as we will be staying over at her place for one night. However, we ended up having lunch in a beach at Teluk Kumbar which is near her house. Aahhh.. the sea breeze on our faces blowing gently made lunch so much better, far away from the daily hustle and bustle of my routine.

Didnt do much that afternoon, just hanged out at my SIL's place while they were out for a Kenduri and her kids extra classes. Well it was supposed to be a break and relaxation time. Went out to get some goreng pisang for tea for everyone... and when my SIL came back they brought another load of goreng pisang and other kuih as well.

Dinner was again at Illyana's... well I have to be frank, when in Penang, all I can think of is food. My AF1 can attest to that. Well it was a dose of Ikan bakar, Kerang rebus, Sotong goreng, Tom yam campur and ketam... (meleleh air liur mengenangkan dinner malam tu...)

The night ended with the 4 girls, my AF1 & AF2 sleeping with their 2 cousins.. and my AF3 not allowed to join, being the only boy.

Woke up early and went out with Mama in search of breakfast. Our destination was taman Tun Saadon Market. The delicacy that we were looking for was serabai.... I dont really know how to describe it but Penangites would know it... But the disaster! Horror! The serabai stall was closed! And it was closed for the next 4 days! Ouch. So we ended up with other type of kuih and various types of nasi... nasi tomato and nasi dalca packed away for our breakfast.

By noon we were out and about, and arranged to meet with my other SIL that came down from KL as well to go shopping at Chowrasta. Arrived at Penang Road and about 1 pm, had lunch at Hameediyah Restaurant somewhere near there for for Nasi Beryani. We were lucky since we got there before the restaurant was packed. My Penang SIL couldnt join us at Chowrasta, since they had to be elsewhere and would only join us at the hotel in Batu Feringghi later that evening.

We ended up buying 2nd hand books at Chowrasta and my other SIL did some shopping, comparing price for another round of shopping at the Batu Feringghi night market.

On our way to check in at Batu Feringghi, managed to stop at Island Plaza to get AF3's birthday cake to be devoured later.

Checked in at Holiday Inn Freingghi along with my SIL from KL who had checked in a day earlier, relaxed before going to the beach and pool. My SIL from Penang checked in to Parkroyal which was next door, and everyone went out to have some fun by the beach.

The kids really had fun at the beach and pool and we went to both the hotel pool :) and my AF3 finally had the courage to go down the water slide at the pool, though not alone since I was there going down the big slide with him.

We had him cutting his birthday cake at the beach, and it was nice day indeed.

Dinner was a restaurant nearby with all 3 families congegrating together. After dinner it was stroll to the pasar malam, which was along the road in Batu Feringghi. I got my DVDs which was at RM4 per piece (buy 10 get 1 free), Mama got for her mum a handbag and got herself a purse. I couldnt go far since my AF3 was already tired so I left Mama with AF1 to continue with her sisters while I took AF2 & AF3 back to the hotel.

That morning went down for breakfast early, again managed to get seats before the crowd started to swell...

Did nothing much after that, relaxed at the room before checking out and headed back to KL.

Initially wanted to stop by a famous mee udang place in Juru, but circumstances did not permit it, so just ended up at the McDonalds drive through before driving back to KL arriving safely that evening.

Just a last note, this place was recommended by Mama's cousin and I will definitely make it a point to stop there the next time I am up north.

Exerpts from his email indicating the place, with pictures credited to the original photographer


Nama Gerai Pak Su

Buka jam dari 12.30 tgh hari – 11.00 malam

Khamis Tutup

1) RM 10 aje sepinggan 5/6 ekor udang besar (mee/nasi goreng)

2) RM 10 aje sepinggan 2 ekor ketam (mee/nasi goreng)

“Click kat WikiMapia Map”

Now doesnt that makes your mouth water.....

Friday, June 6, 2008

The Presenter

Yesterday my company had a function at Sime Darby Convention Center. I was given the opportunity to make a presentation by my VPat that function on his behalf.

The presentation was a technical presentation, more on technology updates, migration to newer technology, the company and my division's technology adaptation roadmap, my division roles in the development and updates on key milestones for the components of the upgrade. The presentation was to take place at the ballroom, with approximately 150 person, ranging from the Directors, to Division heads, VPs and Senior Managers throughout the company.

Two things were running through my head, firstly I was excited for the experience to give a presentation to that number of crowd, since before this the most I have given a presentation to was only about 50 people and first time I will be talking at a big venue such as this. Second was the downside, I am actually trying to keep a low profile with the management because of my previous frustration (see here), so now either I am going to do well, and raise my profile or I am going to screw up big time....

The reason I want to keep a low profile is that the top guns are looking for people to be roped in to the Change Management group as Change Agents. Pleaaaassee.... Its not something that I look forward to do since I like what I am doing now and a new project just kicked off which will keep me occupied till October.

Coming back to the presentation..... I was the 3rd presenter after the opening speech by one of the board of directors and I was allocated 30 minutes for my spot. Everything was running behind schedule by the time we to the break and I was suppose to go after the break.

So there I was on stage with the slides projected behind me... I did start out a bit nervous, but then after a couple of minutes I got warmed up and I did crack something to make the crowd laughed and relaxed (it was intentional, ok!). Everything went quite well and I was fielding any questions that was thrown to me confidently, and all in all I thought I did ok... although I did spot a few in the crowd who dozed off....

The MC did not inform me when my time was up and I actually was on stage for one hour before I wrapped up... phew... one hour talking? Never thought I could do that...

During the next break after the 4th presenter I was showered with kudos by my colleagues for a good presentation. What a relief. I even got an SMS from my VP for a job well done and he wants my materials as the foundation for further training materials for the non technical personnel in the company. I was really honoured.

Going back to the earlier Change thingy.... I was right, the director did mention to my VP saying that I would be a good candidate for the team. Luckily for me my VP said that he wants me to stay put since I am needed where I am now to run things... if they keep pinching people from all the essential division... then who are going to run things? Thank God for my VP....

There you go.. at least something cheerful or high point for me to write about my job....and to top it off I gain valuable experience in standing there in front of a big crowd and managed to pull it off. It may not be a big deal to some people but it is a big deal to me since I never did excel in Public Speaking and never had the gift of the gab.....


I am Astro-less


It has been another one of those moments. Last Tuesday my Astro was hit by lightning (the 2nd time in five or six years). But fortunately this time only the decoder and the transceiver on the dish was spoilt. The rest of the items, tv, amp etc was spared and working fine.

Therefore I called my regular Astro repair man to have a look. He confirmed that the transceiver is faulty and took away the decoder for further inspection. A phone call later confirmed the motherboard is gone and needs to be replaced.

My options are:

1. Replace transceiver (RM40) and replace motherboard of the decoder (RM 180+) - not a bad option since I have the old Phillips decoder which is reputably the better and more robust of the types of decoder that Astro supplies.

2. Go and get a new set and register a new account (RM 199 - not sure of any hidden cost though) - the upside is I will get a new set, the downside is I have to go through the hassle of registering a new account and cancel my old account.

3. Called up Astro and they have this scheme for a replacement decoder for RM 169. Their authorized service person would come and confirm that the decoder is faulty and arrange for the replacement. I still need to pay for the transceiver replacement (RM 40). However, what Astro failed to tell me is the there will be an additional service charge by the service person of RM50. I got to know that from my regular service man. Ouch that will come out to be more than option 1...

Finally I decided to go for option 1 and right now waiting from my regular service guy when the decoder can be ready. Hopefully by weekend I can get back my decoder.

I am going to miss the French Open finals... already missed the semis.....
I missed my weekly dosage of Life, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, CSI ....


Updates (1 week later)
Finally got my Astro back. The repair man sold me a previously owned (marketing jargon for 2nd hand) for RM150. So everything totaled up to RM 190 (RM 150 decoder + RM 40 transceiver) not bad eh...

Happy Birthday AF3

It is actually a belated birthday entry. His birthday was on 1st June. We celebrated it in Penang on the beach at Holiday Inn, Batu Feringhi. (more on this Penang trip in another entry)

Had a tough time finding a cake since I was not familiar with shops in Batu Feringhi, but managed to get one at Metro Jaya Island Plaza along the way.

Celebrated by AF3 cutting the cake (no candle blowing since it was too windy) and surrounded by his cousins, aunts, uncles and Grandmother.

He got his Birthday gift, when we got back to KL, a set of Hot Wheels set (the one that can do loops and so on) and of course his Speed Racer DVD which we got in Penang (RM4 each maaa...)

So AF3, happy birthday to you.....

Well thats the last birthday for this family for this year....

Friday, May 23, 2008


While I was at the mosque for Friday prayers, somebody broke my rear car window (the fixed window at the back, the one that couldnt be wound down) in an attempt to look for valuables. Luckily I dont have any valuables (Laptop, Handphone etc) in the car. The person did not attempt to open the door otherwise the alarm would have been triggered.

The person broke the window, ripped the boot cover and saw that there was nothing in the boot. Everything else was left untouched.

I was liked pissed off, since now I have to send the car for repairs and get the glass replaced. On the other hand I was relieved that nothing was stolen, the car wasnt stolen and can still be driven.

What to do....

So I drove the car to my regular workshop, which is the workshop chain for the car, and left it there for repairs. Luckily my insurance included windscreen coverage, which included this piece of glass.

In all the commotion, I forgot to snap even one picture of the window.... sigh.

My car will only be ready tomorrow and I am carless for now. I am getting a ride home, thanks to my friend who is staying nearby, and tomorrow I will have to drive Mama's car for all the errands.

So to everyone else... Park safely

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Happy Birthday AF1

To My Dearest AF1... Happy 12th Birthday and many Happy returns

Abah & Mama loves you very much

And Happy Belated 5th Birthday to our nephew SS


Friday, May 16, 2008

Going UP

So I know I needed to unwind, and when the offer came from a friend who wanted to treat me... off I went and took up his offer, took the day off and went for a round of... GOLF.

It was not really a good way to unwind, especially if your shots starts to go astray and land all over the course and not where you intend it to go....

Fortunately it was a good choice and it was a relaxing day indeed. Teed off at 9.30 am in Monterez (we were supposed to tee off at 9.00, but my friend woke up late...duh). It really cleared the head, surrounded by all the greenery, weather was nice, not really that hot...

Just for the record I shot 112... for a par 71 course.. HAHAHAHAHA

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Ups and Downs

Life at work really sucks for the past few weeks. Although things are picking up again for the past week or so, but the period was quiet a downer for me.

It has been a frustrating few weeks of that period, at least in the workplace. Thank God for my family at home that act as a beacon during those tired weeks. I know it may not be as severe as some people, not as if I had to be laid off or anything but it feels like I'd hit a brick wall... hard.

Unreasonable request, trying to find solutions for impossible tasks, crazy datelines, changing requirements and to top that off uncertainties of the future of the company.

Office Politics is starting to rear its ugly head, not that it never happened before, only lately it affected me. I have been keeping a low profile lately and seemingly that is not enough. There seems to be some movements of late, I sensed that those movements are the results of the power struggle.

I keep thinking to myself, what am I doing here, why am I still here? There are more questions than I dare to answer. Or maybe I am afraid of the answers. I was behind on my work, the desire went away for a while. The drive was missing during that period, and going to work was not something that I look forward to in the mornings.

There are too many battles to be fought to ensure everything is a what it should be. I cant win each and every battle, so I have to choose when to make my stand. At least my team understands the stand that I have to take. To see what you have build being turned to something of a mockery, a rojak and a mish mash of everything that was not thought through and with anything under the sun thrown in as an afterthought makes even the dedicated guys down.

It used to be fun, what I am doing, It was a great learning process, and the characters filling the environment made it more bearable. With the high rate of turnover of late, changing of guards at the top, the custodian of the ship trying to direct an unsteerable ship, nobody knows where the hell this collective is heading. You lose the expertise and expect new fresh recruits to be an expert. You cant bring in experts coz they are too expensive. You cant retain people because they are offered much much more outside.

When you operate within a certain parameter, people sell what is way outside the parameter. When we cant deliver they say think outside the box.... but in actual fact they are still in the box. These ignoramous think they are so called thinking outside the box without realising thay are still in the box, not knowing how big the box is, not knowing the where the box is and not knowing whether the box exists!

I was tired, I was frustrated, I was down, but now seems a bit better like a calm before the storm. Tomorrow... who knows, could be better or I could be somewhere else.

Apologies for the rambling. Anyone reading this would not know heads or tails. I just need to release this frustration with this nonsense that I am writing. Probably part of my therapy :)


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Tribute to the guys of 511/13

Feeling a bit nostalgic today. So today's post is dedicated to my homeys that I had the privilage of sharing the abode with in KPP sect 18, circa 1986-1989

Ah Pye

My closest roommate. We do have a few things in common. His brother was the Headboy of my Alma Mater. Came from the same kampung albeit his kampung, and my mum's kampung. Physically fit, the rugged outdoor type. Even bought a bench for weight press complete with barbells and dumbbells for his daily workout. Along with his food supplements stocked up for consumption. The most lepak guy... dressed as he please ie the simplest with white t-shirt and jeans 90% of the time. We ended up in the same class and he is the most popular with the guys for his antics....and quiet popular with the girls coz of his handsomeness, although never had any girlfriend during that period, come to think of it way way till he started working he never had any girlfriend. (which prompted Mama to ask me whether he is gay...)LOL. He is into motorbikes, superbikes, and our flat would be filled with his car and bike magazines. Since he cant afford motorbikes, he had a bicycle, with good components on it. Later on in life he used to have 4 wives (superbikes in his possession at the same time). During puasa, we would often end up buka puasa somewhere near Semua house where the used to be a lot of gerai with wrestling shown on tv....

He ended up in Sunderland, where he would visit me all the time way down south. I would occasionally meet up with him up north but more often than not he would travel down south every summer and find summer jobs at my place. I still keep in touch with him and ladies... he is still single


He is the one immaculately dressed and well groomed. He is the B class and the one with all the connections. I used to lepak a lot at his place in BP during semester breaks. He is the ones with big dreams and ambitions. Broke his leg in an accident, and he was with crutches for a few months and with our unit being on the top floor of the walk up flat, that was a problem for him....

Ended up in Leicester via MCHE and now a bigshot with one of the investment company.

Ah Hoon

How did he end up with that name? His real name ended with Mi, and me and Pye used to tease him, Mi Goreng or Mi rebus? and his answer? Bihun.... so the name Hoon stuck. I know, I know it was childish of us... but I admit guilty as charged.

Now he is the romeo of the group. These guys were handsome, and with me standing besides them was like really out of place. He came from Muar, and quiet a hockey player. He is the one with the social life and a bit Jiwang.... always tension with his lecturers, and has a weird laugh. Oh boy he would crack up at our jokes like crazy and would go teary eyed. Has a long history with girfriends. Another one from B class.

He ended up in Liverpool, but one year later since he had to repeat his A Levels. Last I heard he was with a famous event Management company. I have his number, but have yet to call him or meetup with him.. and it has been years...


Passed away in 1995 peacefully in his sleep. He was still living with his family at that time and was still single. It still saddens me to remember him.

He was a local KL boy, and unfortunately he used to be the butt of our jokes. He was the clown of the group and the one with the musical inclination. The only one that can play guitar competently. However, his linguistic skills have a lot to be desired, always using the wrong vocabulary most of the time.....

He continued his studies in London (I cant remember which U).

Lie Jang

The guy from Sarawak was not originally from this unit, but since he spent 99% of his time at our unit, finally he moved in (there was supposed to 8 people to a unit, but our unit was only occupied by 6 guys and then it was seven). With his seluar londeh, the trend of rockers at that time, tight fitting jeans, and with his quirky sense of humor he did manage to fit in. He is from C class (for the love of me I cant remember what C class' stream was). The sportsman, where we played football and rugby together for the A Levels team (btw the A Levels team was the Champion for the KPP Inter-course - note the hyphen- competition)

I cant remember where he ended up in UK, but now resides in Sarawak. Last met him 15 years ago.


He was the odd one out from the unit. He didnt mix much with the rest of the gang. Being a Kelantanese, he usually was with his group from the unit beneath ours. But he was still part of our family and we treat him as such

I have lost contact with him, and if anyone knows where he is, pls drop me a line

Well that was the gang, it sure bring back a lot of memories throughout the two years there. We have been through a lot together and our unit sure had a lot of visitors since the occupants were quiet famous.

FYI, the unit was a two bedroom flat, with two double decker bed in each room, a living area filled with desks and chairs for us to study, an empty kitchen, one bathroom + toilet and about three standing fans (if I recall correctly)

cheers for now.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A celebration of Life's Anniversary

Tomorrow marks another chapter of my life's history.

I dont know how I will be feeling tomorrow, but all I know is I will be spending tomorrow with Mama and the kids.


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sports Day Redux

Well, apparently I did attend AF1's sports day last Saturday. But she did not take part in any of the sports event.

The evening before, her Taekwando instructor SMSed me, asking if AF1 can participate in the Taekwando demo during the Sports day. Well, she was excited with the chance to participate, and our (Mama and I) plans for Treasure Hunting fell through, so participate she did.

She went early, for her weekly Taekwando classes and the demo was supposed to be at 10 am. Mama, AF2 and I arrived at 9.45 and the Taekwando group was just making a move to the field. She was pretty excited. Everything went smoothly, and part of the demo was for the kids to punch and kick the plank. I pity those kids, none of the three kids that were suppose to break the planks couldnt manage to do so. Finally the instructors had to take over and demonstrated how it should be done.

I asked AF1 later why she didnt take part in that particular 'breaking the plank' event. She said that she tried it out in class before adjourning to the field, and she didnt manage to break any, so she was not selected to do so on the field.

Ah well, it didnt matter, what matters was that she looked happy participating in the demo and she had a good time


Updates on my colleague (story here). He is now warded in HUKM. Managed to chat with his wife last week when she dropped by the office. He is recovering now after undergoing 3 surgeries. Will proceed with another two surgeries once he recovers from the effect of the 1st surgery (which was to reattach (??) his severed arteries in his leg)

For those who might wonder, the word "redux" does not mean what it would appear to. It is a Latin word that means "brought back", "revisited".

Thursday, April 24, 2008

AF2 sports day

Just got in the office. Attended AF2's sports carnival this morning. (This is for level1 ie year 1 to 3). She was quiet excited. The whole gang went to support her..:) ie Mama, AF1, my MIL and yours truly. We did not bring AF3 since he has just recovered from fever, which prevented him from going to school for the past week, and we dont want to exaggerate his fever (plus he doesnt like crowded places).

Unfortunately for AF2 it rained this morning, after only completing 2 events. So the teachers decided to bring the event indoors to the school's Open Hall. Then it was really noisy, with all the kids, the parents and close proximity of the location....

So we waited for her turn, and in the mean time we watched the other kids participating in their events... it was fun. Among the events, doing hula hoops, then pull a ball with the hoops. Throw small hoops onto skittles, throw small bean pack (???? - pundi kacang la....)

Af3 had to balance the pundi kacang on her head, walk and make a U-turn past a skittle and tag her team mate. There were 11 kids to a team. When it was her turn, she ran to pick up the pundi kacang and....... proceeded to walk like a princess, on a catwalk with grace and poise (instead of like being in a race) balancing the pundi kacang. I broke out into laughter. Luckily Mama was the photographer, otherwise I wouldnt be able to snap any pictures due to my burst of laughter.

Her team came up 3rd. After the medal presentation... off we went...

AF1? She is not participating in any events.... I dont think she is athletically inclined.

So now I have to wait till tonight to see all the pictures once it is downloaded to the PC


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Updates... belated updates

been busy the past few days, so mostly kept my thoughts to myself. Just wanna share some going ons with AF2.

Ah... my dear AF2, she is really really manja. Sometimes little things will trigger her to withdraw herself in her tantrum mood, and she will just stand there, crying and refuses to budge or listen to anything anyone else says. She will test Mama and my patience to the limit... just like the other day a very simple thing.. I woke her up for school and I took her towel and gave it to her... and that triggered it off... she wanted to take her towel and she became angry and she stood there crying, refuses to budge. luckily she recovered in time to go to school before it was too late. Generally she is a good girl, well behaved, only on occasions, there will be this 'drama'. She is now officially the drama queen of the family.

Mama made a pact with AF2... If she behaves and no longer throws any tantrum of the sort from now on until her next birthday (which is in January), we will buy her what she wants for her birthday... (she has already requested a handicam)

Bribery? Maybe. Good example of parenting? Maybe not. But can we teach her a lesson into being well mannered and behaves... Maybe.

But I had bet with Mama saying, she wouldnt last a month before she starts having her tantrum bouts again. It is a bet that I would willingly lose.

On to another thing... the Futsal tournament last weekend, my team ended up runnersup in the 8 team competition. Not a bad result at all. The team qualified for the group company's sports carnival, but I will not be playing... I told the team I will be pulling out from the tournament since it will be too taxing for me, and I have asked them to get a replacement defender to replace me...
Not bad for an old man...

Friday, April 4, 2008

Futsal tourney

Guess what... my company is having a mini Futsal tournament tomorrow (as well as making it a selection for representing the company for the group Futsal/sports carnival). I was roped in by the guys at the office as if I really can play. Moi, being an honorary Lifetime president of the Kakibangku Asscociation, was really honoured with the invite from all the younger guys.

Well looking at our team list, I will be the oldest amongst the players, whereas I should start playing in the veterans league, not with these young guys, well they are in their 20s and probably a few in their 30s.

Well good luck to me on my endavour.

The tournament kicks off from 8pm -12am at Sp**ts B**n, PJ. Anyone interested can drop by and see this old man huffing & puffing chasing the ball

Friday, March 28, 2008

Unfortunate things...

Unfortunate things do happen, and it happened yesterday to my colleague yesterday. He was involved in a terrible accident yesterday morning. He was hit from the side by a speeding and careless vehicle, and he was thrown from his motorbike.

His right leg is broken in 7 locations, and he had surgery for 7 hours last night, and according to his wife, they had to stop the surgery since he was not stable. He is still in the ICU, and waiting for the next steps by the doctors, who are observing his condition.

All of us are praying for his recovery

Update 4/4/08
News from the hospital says thanks to the blood drive donation, they now have enough blood to proceed with the surgery, and they are now waiting for his fever to subside before proceeding with followup surgery

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Oh Dear!

Unfortunate things do happen...... Last Saturday I was going out to run some errands, with all AF1 & AF2 wanting to tag along. As we entered the car, suddenly AF1 cried out in pain. Somehow, as she entered the car, she unfortunately hurt her hand. She cant explain how she did it, but her ring finger on her left hand was really hurting. No she did not smash it on the door, nor smash it when closing the door.

When we got back from running the errands, she showed Mama her hand and she was crying. Well her crying was different this time, so Mama got worried and wanted me to bring her to the doctor. No objections from me, took her to the doctor. I really hope that it was just a sprain, hopefully it wasnt a fracture or dislocation.

The GP at the clinic couldnt be certain by just looking at the finger, so she wrote a referral for me to get to S*MC to get her finger checked out with an X-Ray. So off we went to the medical center that evening to the ER.

The registration went smoothly, fortunately everything was covered by my company's insurance. Waited to see the MO, then went for the X-Ray. It was AF1's first experience with all this, and she was calm, no ayoyo as she usually is.

When we went back to see the MO with the X-Ray, she couldnt ascertain whether there is a fracture or just a sprain but definately no dislocation. To be on the safe side, she applied a splint to AF1's fingers (covered 3 fingers) and made an appointment for us to see an Orthopedic on Monday.

AF1's fingers on Saturday

On Sunday, at lunch

Well she spent Saturday evening and the whole of Sunday with splint on.

She cant do much since she is lefthanded, and she is worried about school, and not being able to finish her homework assignment.

Come Monday, I took the 1/2 day off, to bring her to S*MC again to see the Orthopedic. Good news! there was nothing serious, just a sprain, no visible fracture, and she should be ok within one or two weeks.


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What I am reading now...

Just finished

DisneyWars: Civil War In the Magic Kingdom
by James B. Steward

Starting now

The Google Story
by David A. Vise and Mark Malseed

Nowadays I am not into fiction, but although these biographies probably do contain some element of fiction due to different points of view...:)

Unfortunately I only manage to finish a couple of pages each night before I doze off.......

Friday, February 22, 2008

How do you like your money, sir?

A group of us were reminiscing old times... and this old joke came up. Bring back the memories way back during the times of being a foreigner in foreign land...

A Malaysian student went to the bank to cash his cheque...
He hands in his cheque to the teller who then proceed to ask the student,

"How do you like your money, sir?"

And the response came....

"I like it very much"


Another one...

A 2nd year Malaysian student was standing at the bus stop, waiting for the bus which was late when an old man arrived at the bus stop. The old man asked the student,

"How long have you been here?"

And the reply came...

"Oh... I have been here two years"...


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Travelling time.....

The CNY holidays presented us with an opportunity to take a break and go somewhere. My SIL and her family drove down from Penang to KL on Tuesday evening. And on Wednesday morning all of us, in two cars, started our journey to the east coast.

The 11 of us, me, mama, AF1, AF2, AF3, my MIL, my SIL & her husband, her 2 kids and my SIL's MIL packed in the two vehicles and we ended our first leg of the journey in Cherating. Upon arrival the 5 kids were eager to jump in the hotel's swimming pool. All of us ended up swimming, 'berendam' and lazing around at the pool. Once the kids had their share of the pool, off to the beach for some sand playing. I didnt even get to attempt to build a sandcastle (as if I could) as I was busy looking after the kids at the beach. Mama was with her new toy, snapping away pics of the kids and the scenery.

After the kids had enough of the sea and sun.... it was back to the pool for more splashing... before retreating to our rooms to get ready for dinner. Next challenge was dinner...

I was not from around there and since we dont prefer dinner at the hotel we had to go search for a decent place to eat. I chatted with the guy and gal at the reception and they suggested that I try out an eatery called Restoran Bulan. It is located by the sea, by the Legend Hotel. Well that suggestion was enough for me to give it a shot. Managed to find that place easily, since Legend Hotel had a huge signboard. Drove past Legend Hotel's entrace and right up to the beachfront a voila... there it was a quaint and nice and cozy place. The whole group went in and ordered.... and to know what, we are by the beach.. and nobody ordered seafood....

While waiting for our order, we strolled at the beach, and it was wonderful. The sky was clear and you could see the stars. My kids were amazed at the sight as 1.they dont go out often at night and 2. in KL we wouldnt be able to see this beautiful skyline...

Dinner was nice with the ambiance and sound of waves and the food was good. The price was reasonable and all of us had a good time.

Once we got to the hotel, everybody was ready to hit the sack due to the 'strain' of swimming and me... tired from the driving.

All of us woke up early that morning and after Solat Subuh, we went out to the beach to try to catch the sunrise on the beach. Although we were quiet late, but it was still a sight to behold.

Apologies since I am describing this in words since I dont have any pictures to show you guys.

Then checked out of the hotel and made our way to KT. We had our reservations in a hotel in Merang, so we decided to stop by KT to visit some places first.

On our way....

My AF3 saw some goats by the roadside.... and he went "Mama, look... deer!"....
Town kids.....

We arrived in KT with both me and my Biras was really unfamiliar with KT. I was in the lead and just praying the the roadsigns and signboards in KT were adequate. Luckily for us it was adequate enough for me to get into KT and to get to Taman Tamadun Islam.

There was a huge jam to get to TTI. I saw people walking from the State Museum (I didnt know it was that far then) I managed to drive all the way to the parking spots in TTI itself. We didnt have to walk far. But TTI was a huge disappointment for me. All the models of the mosque from around the world was closed as it wasnt fully completed yet. The only highlight was the Masjid KristalManaged to get in and performed solat while I was there (No, it wasnt officially opened yet, it was only officially opened the next evening )

Went to the exhibits and the Exhibition center and then made our way to the hotel in Merang. The kids were a bit disappointed since they didnot have any pool time for that day.

The next day spent half the day in the pool and at the beach. The beach was so and so, and the waves were quiet strong. Did not encourage the kids to really splash in the water, only sat at the edge of the water and let the waves splashed on us....

In the afternoon again went to KT, ended up at the State Museum, and we had limited time since it was only open from 3-5pm on Friday afternoon. Went over to Pasar Payang after that, where my SIL got some shopping done.. and mama didnt shop much as she had her resolution that this trip is for sightseeing and not shopping..... well done mama...

Having no clue where to have dinner, and I saw a Retoran Terapung nearby, we decided to try that..... It was a huge disappointment again, and I wouldnt recommend that place to anyone.

Back to the hotel and I again crashed and burned right into bed, tired form the exertion of the day.

Next morning there were still time for the kids to go to the pool and the beach. We were all 'tanned' by the time we got back to the rooms to clean up and pack up. Checked out that afternoon, and we went our seperate ways. My SIL and her family went further north to take the highway to go back to Penang (cant remeber the name of the highway... Lebuhraya Timur Barat?) and we went back the way we came, going south down to KT and to Kuantan and through the LPT. Stopped by for lunch somewhere nearby the hotel, where we had Nasi Kukus for lunch. It was quiet good, and picky eater AF3 finished his rice.....!

Stopped by Marang to buy keropok, both keropok ikang and keropok lekor and some satar (thats me shopping). There were a lot of cars on the trunk road, made a few stops along the way and it was nearly Maghrib when we reached Gambang rest area on the LPT. Had dinner there and drove all the way home, dropped my MIL at her place and arrived home tired but satisfied...

Next holidays?... it will only be after AF1 finishes her UPSR... thats a long way to go.....

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


The KPP A-Levels Rugby team circa 1986-87.
Pic courtesy of Hardy...
taken from The KPP Yahoogroups
My God.... I look so young...:)

Friday, February 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Mama

Tomorrow is Mama's birthday.

We have grown together, through the ups and downs. I know I havent been the perfect husband and father to our kids, but I try my hardest to make you happy. I am happy with all the years we have been together, from our courting days to our dating days. The marriage that we enjoyed together further bonds us.

Together with AF1, AF2 and AF3, we have seen each other grow, evolve, nurturing them together with the love that we have. I do hope I can celebrate more birthdays with you.

I know we have our up and downs... lidah lagikan tergigit, but we have come back stronger each and everytime.

I will always be there to love you, support you, cherish you in everyway that I can and in everyway I know how.

Wish for your happiness when you blow those candles out. I will forever pray that I am worthy of your love, and hope we can lead a long, loving and prosper life together.

Here's to you Mama... Happy Birthday and I love you always and forever

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Back in the groove

Well, everything is back to the normal routine. Kids to school, AF3 to his kindergarden, tuition, homeworks, bla bla bla...

My AF3 was very good this time round. No fuss like last year, went to school happily so far, although he might be a bit behind on his reading. Last night when we got the message from the kindie teacher, Mama grilled him on his reading. Everyone scooted out from the room leaving Mama and AF3 in the room for his reading session. Ended up he knows his key words, only that he is too lazy to read at home, more engrossed in his TV programs and his Internet games. This morning he is as talkative as usual, chirpy as I dropped him off at his kindie.

My AF1 and AF2 now have their own rooms. We redecorated the guest room to become AF1's room. But realising that they have a close bond AF2 spends most of her time in her sister's room. AF1 also persuaded AF2 to sleep with her at night on the queen bed in her room instead. Now they spend most of their time in AF1's room. I just let them be as long as they get along well together and let them decide where they want to sleep or spend their time.

Tuition for AF1 has started, and I have started to worry about UPSR this year. I try not to show my worry, but from time to time I try to remind her to dive into her books. She watches less TV nowadays, but still buries herself in storybooks. I just pray that she would do well in her exams.

Last weekend as Mama and I were browsing through at PJ Digital Mall, managed to grab (what I think was) a good deal. Managed to buy a new SDRAM (I was told that it was expensive since newer computer doesnt use this type of RAM anymore) 512M for RM 180. I enquired at Summit subang - new 512M - the going price was RM 340. Another outlet on the 1st floor of PJ Digital Mall was selling a used 512M for RM240, and an online offer of used 2x256M RAM for RM 130 (minus delivery charges). So I hope that I got a good bargain. Now my old AMD Duron PC is running faster, since it was running Windows XP with only 128M RAM! So I figured since I was there I got a 1G DDR for RM 70 for my other computer...... Both are Kingston by the way...Did I get a good price? I really hope so.. since I didnt go survey at Low Yatt...

Anyway, besides all that it has been a routine few weeks into 2008. Here's looking to more exciting moments for 2008.....

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

An expensive lesson

It was an expensive lesson.... a big mistake on my part which really burned a hole in my pocket.

My maid returned from Indonesia last week and I thought everything was fine. I had to renew her passport (here). But what I didnt check was her permit. I didnt read what was printed on her permit on the old passport which was cancelled. So I let her go back to Indonesia with both her passport (the new and the old) assuming that the permit on the old passport was still valid.... HUGE mistake.

She came out from the airport saying that there was a problem with the Immigration, and I was to go to the Immigration branch that issued the permit.

Went there on Monday, and I was told that the permit was no longer valid, and I was supposed to have the permit transferred to the new passport (at no cost) before she made the journey. And I have to pay for the JP Visa, since she is now considered as entering the country without a proper working Visa or Permit. Luckily Mama was with me and at least she was still calm enough to talk to the Immigration officer. Me... I was really angry, angry at myself really for being so stupid. But there was nothing that I can do and at the end of it I had to pay RM515 for the JP Visa, and got the previous permit which expires in April 08 transferred to the new passport.

So the moral of the story

1. Always read whatever fine print or even what is clearly stated or written
2. Never assume, when in doubt ask....
3. Never lose your cool....always stay level headed otherwise you'll end up in more trouble
4. Never forget the things above....

That was really a lesson for me. What with it being January and a lot of expenses for this month for school fees, transport fees deposits, kindergarden deposits, tuition center deposits and on and on.....


Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone

I know its a bit late for the greetings, but I was away from the office and was too lazy to update this from home. The kids occupied the two computers with internet connection at home most of the time and I couldnt be bothered to switch on my notebook.

Oh well.... to everyone, happy new year and may the new year bring more treasured memories.

New year resolution? I have none. I dont want to be tied to an arbitrary date to make any resolution. Why make resolution if by end of Jan you have achieved it and what next? a new month resolution.

So what I do is actually constantly make resolution or goals for short term, medium term and long term... (long term here is between 3 to six months coz things change too fast nowadays). I always re-evaluate the goals and know when I cant achieve them or when to let go. I cherish the small victories when I meet my target.

So there you go... my attempt at being perfect.... the results.... unlike job appraisal at year end where everything is perfect and every results achieved, my resolutions and goals are more of a hit and miss affair......mostly misses.

My objective, everyday is a learning process, and no matter what the goal is, the journey is the adventure.

Make sense?.... I think not....