Monday, December 22, 2008

Champions Again!

The UEM Media Boogie Hunt was held on the 20th Dec 2008. CoC was Fuad Dahlan (formerly of TAB, now with Cipta Asia Worldwide)

It was a a hunt with 30 route questions, 2 treasures AND......2 Bonus questions and 2 typical of Fuad's style.

It was a 6 hours hunt, Started in PJ, off to Taipan USJ with 10 qusetions for the 1st leg (without tulips). Proceeded to KESAS highway where the tulip started and ended up in Cyberjaya for the end of the 1st leg. Submitted the 1st leg answer sheets and did the 1st Bonus questions which was matching actor/actresses to the musical related films they appeared in. There was no mention of not being able to use any 'aid' during that session, so the 4 of us started surfing the web on our phones for the answers.

Started the 2nd leg from there and off to Bandar Baru Bangi Industrial area for another 10 questions and then to the 2nd pitstop at the library in BB Bangi for the next part and collected the final 10 questions and the 2nd Bonus qustions where we had to match the type of dance to the description given.

Final leg was at Wangsa Maju (in Wangsa Link) via Taman permata where the final 10 questions were located. Breezed through (and we managed to solve and bought the treasures within the 1st leg itself) and submitted our answer at about 12.30 one hour ahead of time. (we managed to save half an hour by taking a short cut rather than following the tulip, since we knew the MRR2 would be jammed from Bangi to Tmn Permata)

We had to do 2 missions there. The first was actually doing the PS2/3? dance mat. Well, Zul our driver breezed through for full marks there. High 5s all around :). 2nd mission was to identify from the list dances that were shown on the video clips. Full marks there again.

However I couldnt attend the answer and prize giving presentation as I had a prior engagement elsewhere. They dropped me off and they went for the presentation.

I only got the call saying we won at 5 pm and the guys were elated. Got a bunch of thank you SMS from them :)

All in all we scored 231 out of 250 points. Which meant we got 3 route questions wrong (15 points) which one I knew the answer but couldnt find the sign, second I was totally stumped and the third coz we didnt know what snakehead fish was in Malay (turns out to be Toman and we were searching for Haruan). The other four points was from the bonus questions where we confused the description for Hip-hop and Breakdance.

There you go Ladies and gentlemen.. my adventure for the weekend. And to Zul, Man & guys ROCK!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Preparing for the new school term..with a hint of nostalgia

Well... preparation for the school items have started. Have been going shopping with Mama, AF1 & AF2 for their school uniforms, shoes, stationary etc.

When we were looking for the school shoes, we came across this..

Bata Badminton Master! Mama was so excited that she insisted AF1 get one of those. Ahhh it relived all the memories... I used to own a few pairs in those days...and it was definitely cheaper in those days.

However, this is what I used to wear once I got to secondary school...
Warrior shoes....! It was considered cool to own a warrior shoes back then. Multi purpose shoes it was... for jalan-jalan, football, takraw, basketball and of course for school wear.

AF1 has a new set of uniforms right now... she was a librarian in her year 6, so no hand me downs for AF2....since librarian wears a different uniform (the brown uniforms). It was quite hard to get uniforms for both of them since AF1 is very tall and thin.... If it fits her waist, the kain would be too short. If it fits her height.... it will be too loose... sigh. but we ended up with a good fit any way.

When I was paying for all the items, it brought me back to the days when my arwah father was paying for all my things. Never thought of it that much when I was younger, but now I realise how much he cared for me when he bought all the school items for me without any complaints. And it took me thinking to families more unfortunate than we are, how the kids are without new clothes for school, make do with hand me downs but still with smiles on their faces.

Apologies for not being able to articulate my thoughts well into words, but hopefully you get what I mean.

All in all the kids are ready with their new school term, and even AF3 is eager to go to his kindergarder with a pair of new shoes. What is left now is just the school text books for AF1 which she will only get once school opens.


On another note, I havent been updating the postings since things at work have been affecting me a lot lately. I will not go into details or dwell in it but suffice to say that things are not really well and morale in the company is quite low at the moment. I try to be as positive as possible... hey, its the paycheque that I bring home at the end of the day that matters. Cari makan maa...