Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A new Phase

That's it. I have taken a bold step. I will be moving on to newer pasture soon. I dont know whether the grass on the other side is greener, but sure beats the wilting grass on this side.

I have two months to go before starting my new endeavor but basically I'll be doing more or less the same stuff as I am doing. As someone put it... "same shit...different place"

After 14 years at the same place doing a lot, gaining a lot, I owe the full development of my career to this place. Made it who I am today, what I know, the skills I've got, the knowledge I've gained. I have seen people come and go without ever thinking that I will be next. Sometimes the environment may suck, but the job satisfaction was always there.

The achievements over the years, the failures, the success was part of what makes the job exciting. I got to play with the latest technology, cutting edge technology (which makes me drool thinking about it)

The mentor that I had, the mentees that I had all add up to the experience. All the fruitful meetings, the wasteful meetings and projects.

To all the people that I have known along the way.... thank you

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wanshana said...

Hi afsi,

Good on you!

I remember you posting a comment of how much you wanted to move on to new pastures when I did a posting on Haizal's move to the new place. Syabas, you finally are doing it :)

All the best with the new endeavour. I'm sure there'll be a lot more exciting sh*t over there. HAHAHAHA!