Friday, June 12, 2009

A unpleasent event

It was last Wednesday at 6.30 pm that I went to check up on my Mother in Law's house. She was away in Penang and I went there to look after the house and feed her fishes.

When I got there with Mama, the gate was wide open..... the grille door was wide open as well as the front door.


We alighted from the car fearing the worst... Then the Bibik from the neighbour across the road came up to us, and told us that she saw a man leaving the house in that condition at about 4.30pm. She described a tall malay man getting into a silver Kancil.

It has been two hours with the gate and the doors left wide open......gulp!

I went in slowly to check the damage, with a broom stick in my hand (the only thing available within reach)

Living area looks ok.. TV and dvd player still check.. nothing has been ransacked..proceed upstairs...

Only the master bedroom have been ransacked, The drawers were pulled out the wardrobe left ajar. I guess the robber was just looking for cash and jewelleries and not interested in heavy electronic items.

Called the police and they arrived 20 minutes later, checked things out and advised us to lodge a police report at the nearest police station so that an IO can be assigned to the case.

By the time everything's settled, it was already Maghrib, so I sent mama home, performed my Solat Maghrib and had a quick bite for dinner before going to the Police station.

Didn't have to wait long before my turn for the report, made the report to the personnel manning the station and waited for about 10 minutes for the IO. I was then called to the IO's room and went through another investigative report before adjourning to my MIL's house.

There were four police personnel there, with one cameraman (Their version of CSI I guess) and one other person sketching the layout of the house and the affected areas. The other two guys were just hanging around.

It was at 10 pm that everything was done and the police left. I am not very optimistic that they would be able to nab the culprit, but I still went through the motions of the formaility of lodging the report.

My MIL got home the following day, and according to her not much was missing, there were no cash or jewelleries missing since she took it with her to Penang.

According to her what was missing was:

1. Some costume jewelleries
2. A Hairdryer (I just dont understand this.....)
3. Some pencils ( Now I am perplexed!!!!)

Well..... I am grateful that no major things were missing.....that nobody was hurt.. and to the police for not making it any harder than it is.

Except for the damage (and the repair works on the door and grille) I am counting our blessing for everyhting that happens, happens for a reason.


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