Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2010...1st post of the year

Wahaattt? its been more than three months since my last post?

Been off the blogging bug for that long? So much has happened in the last few months.

New job, its has been 6 months now, and I am at a crossroads. My confirmation is coming up in a week or two, but on the other hand another company says that they are keen on my services. Looking at that company's profile (it is a big, well known company in Malaysia) I am also keen in coming on board. However, they have yet to put an offer on the table. sigh. if they offer me now, it's 2 weeks notice. If the offer comes much later, it's 3 months notice. Well, work is starting to pile up at the moment. But it is not as exciting as my previous job. Probably because I used to call the shots, whereas now I am more of a mediator and implementer and no longer call the shots. The clients do. I balance the requirements and wants of the clients and what my company and our partners can do. Boring stuff eh. At least on my resume, I can put in that I have been involved in one of the biggest project of it's kind in Malaysia. Other companies (including my previous company) have done it on a smaller scale.

If its time to move on.. its time to move on....

Family wise...

We have moved to our new humble abode. Nothing fancy but its our new home now. After 10 years at our old home, with all the good and fond memories, it's time to start a new chapter at our new place.The new place is not far from where we used to stay (I still love this area). The kids love the new place, and so do Mama and me. Hopefully we will have more fond and good times here.

AF3 started schooling in year 1. No tantrums, no anxiety attack and he is fitting in well so far. Alhamdulillah. So new schedules, new transporter, new environment and everyone is coping well so far. The kids dont have any problems waking up in the mornings, have breakfast and off to school. So AF1 is now in Form 2 afternoon session, AF2 & AF3 in the same school morning session. Still undecided and contemplating whether to send AF1 & AF2 for tution... as their performance have dropped a bit. Probably will consider it once they have settled down to their daily routines.

And on another note....

Sun Hunt fine Sunday... our team barely missed a podium finish by coming in late. The points deducted cost us a top three finish. We won fourth place and landed ourselves with a Samsung 22" LCD TV each... not bad, not bad at all.

Signing off for now...... God knows when I will write again. Haven't finish dusting this blog yet with all the cobwebs, probably will accumulate more dust before I write again.....

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